Wound Management

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Serge Dibart, Carol Dealey
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1 ene. 2009
To the newly qualified or student nurse, wound management often appears a daunting prospect. Wound care is an introductory guide that addresses this vital area of practice and educates students and practitioners in the general principles of wound care, as well as the techniques associated with the assessment, planning and management of different wound aetiologies.

The authors begin by looking at key general principles including the physiology of wound healing and general principles of wound management, before going on to explore the management of both acute and chronic wounds, including leg ulcers, pressure ulcers and surgical wounds as well as care of peri-wound skin, pain management and quality of life issues. These vital aspects and principles of care are discussed within an up to date and evidence based context and provide the knowledge and skills necessary to enable the delivery of optimum patient wound care.

Introduction - Integrating theory and practice.

Chapter 1 - Epidemiology of acute and chronic wounds.

Chapter 2 - Physiology.

Chapter 3 - Factors affecting healing.

Chapter 4 - Assessment, planning and documentation.

Chapter 5 - General Principles of Wound Management.

Chapter 6 - Management.

Chapter 7 - Pain.

Chapter 8 - Peri-wound skin.

Chapter 9 - Quality of life issues.

Chapter 10 - Conclusion.


Glossary of terms

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