3D Anatomy: resistance training (DVD-ROM)

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Jeffrey Willardson
Primal Pictures
Fecha Publicacion
1 nov. 2009
3D Anatomy: Resistance Training DVD-Rom is an invaluable reference tool and image library for fitness professionals in training and practice A dynamic visual resource that makes complex anatomy, functional anatomy and key resistance exercises easier to learn, remember and understand. 3D anatomy section includes detailed and labeled 3D models and sequences covering anatomical language, bones, joints and joint action, muscles, respiratory and cardiovascular systems including labeled cardiac cycles. Anatomical planes are explained visually and animations are used to show joint actions and muscle function during common movements such as flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, and internal/external rotation. Intuitive, interactive functions allow you to rotate each 3D anatomical view 360 degrees or add and remove layers of structures so you can choose the level of detail. Each image can also be printed or exported to Word or PowerPoint royalty free (for non-commercial use). A resistance exercise section allows comparison of live video clips and 3D animations of 24 exercises that you can label. Animated sequences can be rotated and any visible anatomical structure clicked on and labeled. Description text in bullet point format covers correct form and technique for each exercise. Table of contents Anatomical Language * Anatomical position * Anatomical planes * Anatomical directions * Anatomical areas Skeletal System * Axial skeleton * Appendicular skeleton * Joints – including 3D sequences of joint actions for all joint types Muscular System * Muscle tissue * Axial muscles * Appendicular muscles * Muscles of the upper limb * Muscles of the lower limb * Muscle atlas – neck, truck, upper limb and lower limb The comprehensive muscle atlas shows 148 individual muscles in isolation – one view showing the muscle on the bone and a view with the origin and insertion marked on the bones. Cardiovascular System * Heart – overview, chambers, valves, left cardiac cycle, right cardiac cycle * Blood vessels Respiratory System * Overview * Upper respiratory tract * Larynx * Bronchial tree * Lungs * Pleura
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