Handbook of research methods in personality psychology

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Robert F Krueger, R Chris Fraley, Richard W Robins
Guilford Press
Fecha Publicacion
5 mar. 2010
Provides very thoughtful explorations and descriptions of three sets of topics that by and large represent a coherent system of research in personality psychology: design, measurement, and analysis...What I like about the book is that each chapter is concise and right to the point; since many different areas of design and measurement are covered, it provides an excellent reference for researchers Table of Contents Part 1. Designing a Personality Study. D. P. McAdams, J. L. Pals, The Role of Theory in Personality Assessment. M. B. Donnellan, R. D. Conger, Designing and Implementing Longitudinal Studies. W. Revelle, Experimental Approaches to the Study of Personality. R. F. Krueger, J. L. Tackett, Behavior Genetic Designs. T. S. Conner, L. Feldman Barrett, M. M. Tugade, H. Tennen, Idiographic Personality: The Theory and Practice of Experience Sampling. A. C. Elms, Psychobiography and Case Study Methods. P. Cramer, Mining Archival Data. R. C. Fraley, Using the Internet for Personality Research: What Can Be Done, How to Do It, and Some Concerns. R. C. Fraley, M. J. Marks, The Null Hypothesis Significance-Testing Debate and Its Implications for Personality Research. V. Benet-Martinez, Cross-Cultural Personality Research: Conceptual and Methodological Issues. S. Vazire, S. D. Gosling, A. S. Dickey, S. J. Schapiro, Measuring Personality in Nonhuman Animals. Part 2. Methods for Assessing Personality at Different Levels of Analysis. K. H. Craik, Taxonomies, Trends, and Integrations. D. L. Paulhus, S. Vazire, The Self-Report Method. L. J. Simms, D. Watson, The Construct Validation Approach to Personality Scale Construction. R. R. McCrae, A. Weiss, Observer Ratings of Personality. R. M. Furr, D. C. Funder, Behavior Observation. B. A. Woike, Content Coding of Open-Ended Responses. A. V. Song, D. K. Simonton, Personality Assessment at a Distance. O. C. Schultheiss, J. S. Pang, Measuring Implicit Motives. M. D. Robinson, Lives Lived in Milliseconds: Using Cognitive Methods in Personality Research. J. S. Beer, M. V. Lombardo, Patient and Neuroimaging Methodologies. L. M. Diamond, K. Otter-Henderson, Physiological Measures. R. P. Ebstein, R. Bachner-Melman, S. Israel, L. Nemanov, I. Gritsenko, The Human Genome Project and Personality: What We Can Learn about Our Inner and Outer Selves through Our Genes. Part 3. Analyzing and Interpreting Personality Data. J. Morizot, A. T. Ainsworth, S. P. Reise, Toward Modern Psychometrics: Application of Item Response Theory Models in Personality Research. K. Lee, M. C. Ashton, Factor Analysis in Personality Research. R. H. Hoyle, Applications of Structural Equation Modeling in Personality Research. O. P. John, C. J. Soto, The Importance of Being Valid: Reliability and the Process of Construct Validation. D. J. Ozer, Evaluating Effect Size in Personality Research. J. B. Nezlek, Multilevel Modeling in Personality Research. W. Fleeson, Studying Personality Processes: Explaining Change in Between-persons Longitudinal and Within-Person Multilevel Models. D. K. Mroczek, The Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Personality Research. J. W. Grice, Person-Centered Structural Analyses. S. G. West, L. S. Aiken, W. Wu, A. B. Taylor, Multiple Regression: Applications of the Basics and Beyond in Personality Research. W. F. Chaplin, Moderator and Mediator Models in Personality Research: A Basic Introduction. Y. Shoda, Computational Modeling of Personality as a Dynamical System. B. W. Roberts, N. R. Kuncel, W. Viechtbauer, T. Bogg, Meta-Analysis in Personality Psychology: A Primer. R. W. Robins, J. L. Tracy, J. W. Sherman, What Kinds of Methods Do Personality Psychologists Use?: A Survey of Journal Editors and Editorial Board Members.
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