Complications in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, 2/e

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James P. Rathmell, Joseph M. Neal
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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1 ago. 2012
This single-source reference addresses complications related to the practice of regional anesthesia and pain medicine. Chapters are written by a world authority on each specific complication and are evidence-based from an extensive literature search. Each chapter is constructed to follow a defined approach to the problem to ensure inclusiveness of evidence, clarity, and consistency. Features ¡NEW CHAPTER: Mistake-Proofing blocks ¡NEW CHAPTER: Role of nerve localization techniques in safety ¡NEW Second edition will be a full color book ¡Evidence-based recomendations ¡Organized by blocks and techniques rather than symptoms ¡Written by experts Table of Contents ¡1. An Overview of Risk Analysis David L. Brown Section Section I: Regional Anesthesia ¡Part A: Complications of Regional Anesthesia ¡2 Overview of Regional Anesthesia Complications Dan Benhamou and Yves Auroy ¡3 An Overview of Strategies to Reduce Risk Stephen M. Rupp ¡4 Bleeding Complications Terese T. Horlocker and Denise J. Wedel ¡5 Infectious Complications Adam D. Niesen, Denise J. Wedel, and Terese T. Horlocker ¡6 Hemodynamic Complications Gregory A. Liguori ¡7 Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity John F. Butterworth, Kenneth D. Candido, Mehmet S. Ozcan, and Guy Weinberg ¡8 Adjuvant and Preservative Toxicity John C. Rowlingson and Joseph M. Neal ¡Part B: Complications Specific to Neuraxis Block ¡9 Meningeal Puncture Headache Brian E. Harrington ¡10 Neuraxis Mechanical Injury Joseph M. Neal ¡11 Local Anesthetic Neurotoxicity and Cauda Equina Syndrome Kenneth Drasner ¡12 Neuraxis Ischemic Injury Christopher M. Bernards and Joseph M. Neal ¡13 Transient Neurologic Symptoms Julia E. Pollock ¡Part C: Complications Specific to Peripheral Nerve Block ¡14 Peripheral Nerve Injury James R. Hebl ¡15 Myotoxicity Quinn H. Hogan ¡16 Pulmonary Complications William F. Urmey ¡17 Role of Nerve Localization Techniques in Safety Joseph M. Neal ¡18 Unintended Destinations of Local Anesthetics Alain Borgeat and Jose Aguirre Section II: Pain Medicine ¡Part A: Complications of Acute Pain Management ¡19 Complications Associated with Systemic Opioids and Patient Controlled Analgesia Jane C. Ballantyne and Thomas H. Scott ¡20 Complications Associated with Continuous Epidural Analgesia Christopher L. Wu and Jean-Pierre P. Ouanes ¡21 Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks Brian M. Ilfeld and Matthew T. Charous ¡Part B: Complications of Sympathetic Block ¡22 Complications Associated with Stellate Ganglion and Lumbar Sympathetic Blocks Richard L. Rauck and James P. Rathmell ¡23 Complications Associated with Neurolytic Celiac Plexus Block Indy M. Wilkinson, Steven P. Cohen, and Michael A. Erdek ¡24 Complications Associated with Superior Hypogastric and Ganglion Impar Blocks James M. Hitt and Oscar A. deLeon-Casasola ¡Part C: Complications of Device Placement ¡25 Complications Associated with Intrathecal Drug Delivery Systems F. Michael Ferrante and James P. Rathmell ¡26 Complications Associated with Spinal Cord Stimulation Timothy R. Deer and Jason E. Pope ¡Part D: Compliactions of Neuraxis Approaches ¡27 Complications Associated with Epidural, Facet Joint, and Sacroiliac Joint Injections Stephen E. Abram ¡28 Complications Associated with Transforaminal Injections Nikolai Bogduk ¡29 Complications Associated with Discography and Intradiscal Treatment Techniques Leonardo Kapural, Karlo Houra, and Andrej Radic ¡30 The Role of Fluoroscopy in Safety Rathmell ¡Part E: Complications of Neurolytic Blocks ¡31 Chemical Neurolysis/Cryoneurolysis Honorio T. Benzon and Farooq Khan ¡32 Radiofrequency Procedures James P. Rathmell and Adam J. Carinci ¡33 Epiduroscopy and Epidural Lysis of Adhesions Gabor B. Racz and James E. Heavner ¡Part F: Pharmacologic Complications ¡34 Chronic Opioid Use Richard Rosenquist ¡35 Chronic Steroid Use Marc A. Huntoon and Halena M. Gazelka Section III: Medicolegal Perspective ¡36 Closed Claims Study Lorri A. Lee, Dermot Fitzgibbon, Linda S. Stephens, and Karen B. Domino ¡Part A: Attorney Perspectives ¡37 Legal and Regulatory Issues of Opioid Prescription Diane E. Hoffmann ¡38 Informed Consent and Documentation M. Kate Welti and John D. Cassidy
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