Primary Care English

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Robert Jones, Isabel García Gimeno, Ramón Ribes
Fecha Publicacion
20 dic. 2007
This book is for those family doctors and any other health care professionals involved in Primary Care around the world who really want to make useful progress in their medical English, in order to be able to read and write articles, participate in international courses and meetings, read textbooks in their original English language and visit or work in an English speaking country to enrich their professional experience. If you are one of them, then this is the book you have been looking forward to. Here, theory and practice are carefully linked for optimal learning. This book has been written for you by doctors who understand your needs and who aim to help you get the most out of your learning experience, without wasting your valuable time. You will be able to learn just what you need and (almost) all you need to feel confident understanding and communicating in English within your speciality. Its revolutionary combination of formal teaching and conversational style, together with the selection of contents specific to Primary Care, will provide you with a unique platform to jump to a more advanced level with surprisingly little effort. Primary Care English is the expansion of Medical English to reach the extensive geography of primary care. It aims to be a tool to achieve a certain level to dare to practice as a family physician or participate in learning or research activities in English within the primary care setting. The reader would be expected to have at least an intermediate level of English. The text is simplified where necessary in order to keep within reach. The language of the consultation will be central to this book and its contents modulated according to real clinical practice. Written for: General Practitioners Contents: Introduction.- Grammar in Use.- Scientific Litrature.- Medical Education.- Applying for a Job.- Frequent Mistakes Made by Doctors Speaking in English.- Latin and Greek Terminology and their Plurals.- The Language of Principles and Concepts in Primary Care.- The Language of Clinical Practice- general.- The Language of Clinical Practice - by clinical Areas.- A Day in the Life of a Family Doctor.- A Day in the Life of a Hospital Doctor.-Clinic Rounds.- On Call.- Clinical Trials English.- British and American English.- Appendices
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