Pitfalls in Cervical Spine Surgery. Avoidance and management of complications

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Luca Denaro
Fecha Publicacion
1 dic. 2009
Spinal surgery is a unique area in the process of continuous development. New skills are applied daily in this delicate field by the spinal surgeon: this professional can be either an orthopaedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon dedicated to the treatment of spinal diseases. This book offers a comprehensive approach and reviews all of the possible errors encountered by spinal surgeons in the clinical practice. It is mainly directed towards young surgeons approaching spinal surgery and also to experienced surgeons with regards to complications related to the latest technologies in the spinal field. This approach of treating and understanding problems in cervical spine surgery is unique and will guide the reader towards an improved level of attention regarding pitfalls in cervical spine surgery, therefore fostering the ability of preventing major complications and medicolegal consequences. Table of contents General Surgical Complications (Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prophylaxis): Complications Related to Intraoperative Patient Position.- Errors of Diagnosis, Errors of Indications, Inadequate or Incomplete Surgical Technique, Errors of Level.- Postoperative Complications (Inadequate Immobilization or Rehabilitation). Complications of Surgical Approaches: Anterior Approaches.- Anterolateral Approaches.- Posterior Approach.- Combined Approaches. Complications of Surgical Techniques (Indications, Advantages, Disadvantages): Anterior Surgical Techniques.- Posterior Surgical Techniques.- Cervical Disc Replacement Complications.- Bone Grafting Techniques. Complications in Relations of Patient Disease: Degenerative Disease.- Primary and Metastatic Cervical Spine Tumors.- Vascular-Related Diseases.- Infective Diseases.- Trauma. Medicolegal Aspects in Cervical Spine Surgery in USA and UE. The Informed Consent in Cervical Spine Surgery.
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