Diffusion MRI: Theory, Methods, and Applications

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Derek Jones
Oxford University Press
Fecha Publicacion
5 dic. 2010
Review "This is a truly comprehensive compilation of the science and application of these techniques in the study of brain. The book is organized into 8 sections from the physics and basics to the use of these approaches in the characterization of neurological and psychiatric disorders. There are sections on experimental considerations, analysis including fiber tracking and crossing fibers. There is also a section entitled 'Diffusion MRI Beyond White Matter' attesting to the great potential and future application of diffusion imaging and a final section that outlines the history of its evolution and personal perspectives of several pioneers. Although the book has almost 50 chapters between its covers there is little, if any, redundancy. This book is a tour de force on the topic of diffusion MRI and a must read for any student or investigator interested in this exciting and important imaging field." --Arthur W. Toga, PhD, Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA "This remarkable compendium of 47 chapters written by the world experts provides the most comprehensive and the most detailed description of this novel and sophisticated method. There is something of interest for everyone: from theory to hardware; from physics to biology; from animal to human internal anatomy; from general medicine to specialized diseases; and, most importantly, from brain architecture underlying normal behavior to abnormalities in neurology and psychiatry, which have benefited enormously by the introduction of this method. It may sound as a cliché that it is a must, not only for imagers, specialists and researchers, but also for general practitioners, if they need and want to be informed." - Pasko Rakic, MD, PhD, Duberg Professor of Neurobiology and Neurology, Chairman, Department of Neurobiology, Director, Kavli Institute for Neuroscience, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT and Editor-in-Chief of Cerebral Cortex "One of the many highlights of the book in addition to its excellent science is section 8 with a few chapters giving the personal perspective from some of the pioneers of the field... There are other recent and excellent books on brain diffusion already on the market. Given the choice this is the one I will most likely take to the proverbial lonely island, especially if the stay is extended to give enough time to go through it all...As in any finite work one is always tempted to ask, what one is missing and what one would like to see in the next edition. Given the comprehensiveness of Diffusion MRI it is hard to suggest additional topics. Overall this is a very timely and authoritative book and a must for everybody working in the field or contemplating to go into it." -- Prof. Dr Jürgen Hennig, Medical Physics, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, University Hospital Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany Product Description Since its initial development in the mid-1980's, and wide accessibility to perform diffusion MRI on all MRI scanners, the use of diffusion MRI has exploded. Nearly every MRI centre carries out diffusion MRI of some kind. Obtaining good quality diffusion MRI and making sound and robust inferences from the data is not trivial, however, and involves a long chain of events from ensuring that the hardware is performing optimally, the pulse sequence is carefully designed, the acquisition is optimal, the data quality is maximized while artifacts are minimized, the appropriate post-processing is used, and, where appropriate, the appropriate statistical testing is used, and the data are interpreted correctly. Professor Derek Jones, a world authority on diffusion MRI, has assembled most of the world's leading scientists and clinicians developing and applying diffusion MRI to produce an authorship list that reads like a "Who's Who" of the field and a definitive, didactic and essential reference volume for those working with diffusion MRI. Renowned for the clarity of his presentations, Prof Jones has worked closely with each author to ensure that the material is presented in the best possible and accessible manner. The book is aimed at those wishing to really understand where the diffusion signal comes from, and obtain a thorough grounding in the theory, methods and applications of diffusion MRI. The aim here is not to 'skim the surface' - but to dig deep into each topic - so that a thorough grounding is obtained. In assembling these topics (many of which have never previously appeared in a text book on the topic), Prof Jones carefully balances theoretical treatments with practical considerations. Destined to be a modern classic, this definitive and richly illustrated reference volume deserves a place on the bookshelf of all imaging centres.
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