Inhibitory Synaptic Plasticity

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Melanie A. Woodin, Arianna Maffei
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8 nov. 2010
ABOUT THIS BOOK Since its discovery and first publication in 1973, synaptic plasticity in its most popular form – the plasticity of excitatory glutamatergic synapses – has been widely investigated. But to fully understand how brain functions develop and are maintained, there is a need for studying the interaction between the different forms of plasticity. Inhibitory Synaptic Plasticity integrates studies that have examined the induction, expression and functional role of inhibitory synaptic plasticity at different organizational levels (from the neuron to the circuit), through four main parts: Refinement, Addiction, Pain & Injury, and Learning & Memory. This volume brings together a large portion of the current thinking about the plasticity of inhibitory synapses, and will foster new ideas and hypotheses for the study of brain circuits and their function. Content Level » Research Related subjects » Human Physiology - Neuroscience TABLE OF CONTENTS PART 1 - REFINEMENT Chapter 1: The many faces of inhibitory plasticity: adding flexibility to cortical circuits throughout development L. Wang, Arianna Maffei Chapter 2: Long-term modification at inhibitory synapses in developing visual cortex Yukio Komatsu, Yumiko Yoshimura Chapter 3: Molecular Mechanism of Long-Term Plasticity at Cerebellar Inhibitory Synapses Shin-ya Kawaguchi, Tomoo Hirano Chapter 4: Inhibitory plasticity and auditory function Robert Liu PART 2 - ADDICTION Chapter 5: VTA GABAergic Plasticity: An Inhibitory Synaptic Model of Drug Addiction Fereshteh Nugent Chapter 6: Midbrain Dopamine Neurons: Implications for the Development of Alcohol-Seeking Behaviors John Theile, Rueben Gonzales, Richard Morrisett PART 3 – PAIN AND INJURY Chapter 7: Mechanisms of plasticity of inhibition in chronic pain conditions Charalampos Labrakakis, Francesco Ferrini, Yves De Koninck Chapter 8: Injury induced epileptogenesis: Contribution of active inhibition, disfacilitation and deafferentation to seizure induction in thalamocortical system Igor Timofeev Chapter 9: Cellular Mechanisms of Neuronal Cl- Homeostasis and its Modulation by Neuronal Injury A.J. Moorhouse and J. Nabekura PART 4 – LEARNING AND MEMORY Chapter 10: Activity-Dependent Inhibitory Synaptic Plasticity Mediated by Chloride Regulation Trevor Balena, Brooke A. Acton, Melanie A. Woodin Chapter 11: Endocannabinoid mediated long-term depression at inhibitory synapses Chiayu Q. Chiu, Pablo E. Castillo Chapter 12: Inhibitory Synaptic Plasticity & Neurotrophins Jean-Luc Gaiarsa, Nicola Kuczewski, Christophe Porcher
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