Harper. Textbook of Pediatric Dermatology. 3rd Ed. 2 Vols

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Arnold Oranje, Neil Prose, John Harper
Blackwell Publishing
Fecha Publicacion
10 nov. 2011
The third edition of this highly regarded text continues to provide a comprehensive resource for pediatric dermatologists. The book offers evidence-based diagnosis and treatment recommendations and covers both common and rare conditions, including emerging conditions and research, especially at the genetic level. A refreshing new text design makes the book more accessible, and new editors and contributors bring a distinctly international perspective to the work. Table of Contents ■Pyodermas and Toxin-mediated Syndromes. ■ Skin Manifestations of Meningococcal Infection. ■Pitted Keratolysis, Erythrasma and Erysipeloid. ■Mycobacterial Infections of the Skin. ■Bartonella Infections: Bacillary Angiomatosis, Cat Scratch Disease and Bartonellosis. ■Lyme Disease. ■Endemic Treponematoses: Yaws, Pinta and Endemic Syphilis. ■Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Other Rickettsial Infections. ■Superficial Fungal Infections. ■Deep Mycoses. ■Opportunistic Infections/infections in immunocompromised. ■Skin Manifestations of Nutritional Disorders. ■Tropical Ulcer. ■Leishmaniasis. ■Cutaneous Larva Migrans. ■Myiasis. ■Leprosy. ■Papular Urticaria. ■Scabies and Lice. ■Other Noxious and Venomous Creatures. ■Urticaria. ■Mastocytosis. ■Annular Erythemas. ■Erythema Nodosum and Other Forms of Panniculitis. ■Erythema Multiforme, Stevens–Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis. ■Acne. ■Psoriasis. ■Psoriasis - Pathogenesis. ■Psoriasis - Treatments. ■Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris. ■Pityriasis Rosea. ■Lichen Planus and Lichen Nitidus. ■Lichen Striatus. ■Differential Diagnosis of Vesiculobullous Lesions. ■Infantile Acropustulosis. ■Chronic Bullous Disease of Childhood: Linear IgA Disease of Childhood and Mixed Immunobullous Disease. ■Dermatitis Herpetiformis. ■Pemphigus, Pemphigoid and Epidermolysis Bullosa Acquisita. ■Differential Diagnosis of Skin Nodules and Cysts. ■Granuloma Annulare. ■Adnexal Disorders. ■Calcification and Ossification in the Skin. ■Knuckle Pads. ■Fibromatoses, Hyalinoses and Stiff Skin Syndrome. ■Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia with Eosinophilia. ■Skin Malignancies. ■Pityriasis Lichenoides. ■Lymphomatoid Papulosis. ■Jessner’s Lymphocytic Infiltrate of the Skin. ■Cutaneous lymphomas. ■The Histiocytoses, Langerhans Cell and Non-Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. ■Disorders of Hypopigmentation and Hyperpigmentation. ■Vitiligo. ■The Idiopathic Photodermatoses. ■Porphyrias. ■Photoprotection. ■Melanocytic Naevi and Melanoma. ■Epidermal Naevi/Epidermal NaevusSyndromes. ■Proteus Syndrome. ■Vascular Malformations. ■Infantile Haemangiomas and Other Vascular Tumours. ■Disorders of Lymphatics. ■Principles of Genetics, Mosaicism and Molecular Biology. ■Chromosome Disorders. ■Review of Keratin Disorders. ■Epidermolysis Bullosa. ■Kindler syndrome. ■Generalized Disorders of Cornification (the Ichthyoses). ■Netherton’s Syndrome. ■Palmoplantar Keratodermas. ■Keratosis Pilaris. ■The Erythrokeratodermas. ■Darier’s Disease. ■The Porokeratoses. ■Ectodermal Dysplasias. ■The Neurofibromatoses. ■Tuberous Sclerosis. ■Incontinentia Pigmenti. ■Pigmentary Mosaicism (Ito syndrome). ■The Gorlin (Naevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma) Syndrome. ■Focal Dermal Hypoplasia Syndrome (Synonym: Goltz Syndrome). ■Premature Ageing Syndromes (Laminopathies). ■Xeroderma Pigmentosum, Cockayne’s Syndrome and Trichothiodystrophy. ■Rothmund–Thomson Syndrome. ■Bloom’s Syndrome, Dyskeratosis Congenita and Fanconi’s Syndrome. ■Genetic Diseases that Predispose to Malignancy. ■Dyschromatoses. ■Prenatal Diagnosis of Inherited Skin Disorders. ■Skin Gene Therapy. ■Disorders of Fat Tissue. ■Ehlers–Danlos Syndromes. ■Cutis Laxa. ■Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum. ■Buschke–Ollendorff Syndrome, Marfan’s Syndrome, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Anetodermas and Atrophodermas. ■Striae. ■Diseases of the Oral Mucosa and Tongue. ■Hair Disorders. ■Alopecia Areata. ■Nail Disorders. ■Genital Disease in Children. ■Vulvovaginitis and Lichen Sclerosus. ■Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Children and Adolescents. ■Non-Accidental injury and mimickers. ■Physical and Sexual Abuse and mimickers. ■Neutrophilic disorders. ■Crohn’s Disease and Granulomatous Cheilitis (OFG). ■Sarcoidosis. ■Amyloidosis. ■Henoch–Schönlein Purpura. ■Acute Haemorrhagic Oedema of the Skin in Infancy. ■Purpura Fulminans. ■Urticarial Vasculitis. ■Erythema Elevatum Diutinum. ■Pigmented Purpuras. ■Erythromelalgia. ■Wegener’s Granulomatosis, Polyarteritis Nodosa, Behçet’s Disease and Relapsing Polychondritis. ■Kawasaki Disease. ■Inherited Metabolic Disorders and the Skin. ■Cystic Fibrosis. ■Carotenaemia. ■Cutaneous Manifestations of Endocrine Disease. ■Morphoea (Synonym: Localized Scleroderma). ■Systemic Sclerosis in Childhood. ■Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Dermatomyositis. ■Recurrent Fever Syndromes. ■Immunodeficiency Syndromes. ■Graft-Versus-Host Disease. ■Coping with Chronic Skin Disease. ■Physiological Habits, Self-mutilation and Factitious Disorders. ■Principles of Paediatric Dermatological Therapy. ■Use of emerging biologic treatments in children. ■Hypersensitivity Reactions To Drugs. ■Poisoning and Paediatric Skin. ■Basic Skin Surgery Techniques. ■More Complex Skin Surgery. ■Laser Treatment for Cutaneous Vascular Anomalies. ■The Use of Resurfacing, Pigment and Depilation Lasers in Children. ■Sedation and Anaesthesia. ■Nursing Care of Paediatric Skin
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