Handbook Of Molecular Biophysics. Methods And Applications

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Henrik Bohr
Fecha Publicacion
10 abr. 2009
This handbook and reference condenses the biophysics and biomedical contents of the renowned Encyclopedia of Applied Physics in one handy volume. Twenty-eight carefully written overview articles cover the latest research, including single molecule spectroscopy, biosensors and cellular biomechanics. Readers benefit from concise summaries of the fundamentals, methods and applications, backed by detailed tables of contents for quick access, and glossaries of terms, as well as detailed lists of references and further reading. For libraries and R&D teams in academia and industry. Table of Contents A. Quantum Mechanics Methods for Molecular Biophysics and Electronic Structure Calculations of Biomolecules 1. Quantum Molecular Biological Methods using Density Functional Theory: Spectroscopic and Structural Correlations in Small Peptides, Amino Acids, Proteins and Nucleic Acids (K. J. Jalkanen, H. G. Bohr, S. Suhai) 2. Radiationless Auger-like Electronic Transitions in Biomolecules: Bio-Auger Process (H. Bohr, F. B. Malik) 3. Excited State Dynamics in Biomolecules (G. Groenhof, L. V. Schäfer, M. Boggio-Pasqua, M. A. Robb) 4. Electron Interactions and Currents in CFT - A Current Functional Theory applied to Molecules (J. Bang, H. Bohr, J. da Providencia) 5. Exploring Excited State Processes in Photosynthesis ? Features of Photosynthetic Light Harvesting (V. Sundstrom) B. Studies of Motions of Biomolecules and Molecular Dynamics Calculations 6. Optical Tweezers Techniques (L.B. Oddershede) 7. Experimental Probes of Motions in Proteins (H. Frauenfelder) 8. Molecular Dynamics Computations for Proteins (T. Allen, I. Vorobyov) 9. Dynamics of Individual Muscular Protein Molecules (B. G. Nielsen) C. Biomolecular Structures and Dynamics in Proteins, Lipids, and DNA 10. Protein-lipid Interactions in Biological Membranes (C. Helix Nielsen) 11. DNA Biomechanics (W. K. Olson, A. R. Srinivasan, A. V. Colasanti, G. Zheng, D. Swigon) 12. Models of Membrane Fusion (S. May) D. Radiation and Spectroscopy Methods in Molecular Biophysics 13. Raman Spectroscopy in Virus Structure Analysis (D. Nemecek, G. J. Thomas, Jr.) 14. X-ray Methods for Investigation of Structures of Lipid Assemblies (H. W. Huang, L. Yang) 15. The Use of Microwaves in Molecular Biophysics (H. Bohr, M. H. Jacobsen, I. Laursen) E. Neurobiophysics and Ion-channels 16. Neurobiophysics (A. Marino, O. Kolomytkin) 17. Ion Channels (O. S. Andersen, H. I. Ingólfsson, J. A. Lundbæk) 18. Physical Properties of Biological Membranes (T. Heimburg) F. Techniques for detecting Molecular Structures down to the Single-Molecule-Level 19. Chiral Raman and Single Molecule Spectroscopy (S. Abdali, E. W. Blanch) 20. Single Molecule Biophysics with Fluorescence (C. Huebner, M. Prummer) 21. Biorheology (R. D. Bauer, T. Volk) 22. Lipid Membrane Technology (L.A. Bagatolli) G. Physical Effects in Biomolecules and larger organic Systems 23. Biological Effects of Electromagnetic and Particle Radiation (J. Kiefer) 24. Biological Effects of Sound and Ultrasound (W. Nyborg) 25. Biosimulation and Computations in Systems Biology (O. Sosnovtseva, J.L. Laugesen, E. Mosekilde) 26. Organic Superconductors (C. Schelde Jacobsen) H. Molecular Biophysics Applications in Medicine 27. Biomedical Imaging Technologies (W. R. Hendee, A. B. Wolbarst) 28. Raman Spectroscopy in Medicine (C. Krafft, P. Rösch, J. Popp) Author Information Professor Henrik Bohr is Director of the Quantum Protein Centre of the Technical University of Denmark. Research positions and appointments have taken him to Imperial College in London, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Caltech, the University of Heidelberg and other institutions. His research focuses on theoretical physics, biophysics and biotechnology. A large number of journal publications and books prove his standing in the field.
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