Surgical Techniques In Ophthalmology Cataract Surgery

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M. Tassignon
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16 ene. 2010
CONTENTS Section I: Evolution of Various Cataract Surgery Techniques and Technology 1. Pearls and Tricks in Congenital Cataract Surgery 2. Cataracta Juvenilis and Congenital Lens Subluxation Surgical Procedure 3. Congenital Cataract Surgery 4. Bimanual Microcataract Surgery in Children 5. The 3-in-1 Simplified Approach for ECCE, MSICS and Phacoemulsification 6. Dynamics of the Capsulorhexis 7. Dynamics of Nucleus Emulsification 8. Nucleus Management by Visco-expression Technique in Manual SICS 9. Phaco Chopping for all Cataract Conditions 10. Quick Chop Express for Suprahard Cataract 11. Chopping in Hard Cataracts—Burst Phaco 12. Phacoemulsification Surgery Procedure and IOL-Implantation without Using Viscoelastics 13. Prechop with two 25 G Cannulas and Micro-Biaxial Cataract Technique 14. Biaxial Phacoaspiration with 700 micron Technology 15. Avoiding and Solving the Incomplete Capsulorhexis Cases with Biaxial Techniques 16. How to Perform Biaxial MICS Step by Step? 17. BiMICS versus CoMICS Our Actual Technique(Bimanual Micro-Cataract Surgery versus Coaxial Micro-Cataract Surgery) 18. Advances in Microphakonit: 700 micron Cataract Surgery 19. Microincision Coaxial Phaco is the Everyday Phacoemulsification 20. Advances in Fluid Dynamics of Microcoaxial Incision Surgery 21. Bimanual Microphacoemulsification 22. Coaxial Miniphacoemulsification 23. Heads up Cataract Surgery with the True Vision 3D Visual Display System 24. Pearls of Supracapsular Surgery Using the Tilt and Tumble Technique 25. Intrepid Microcoaxial (2.2 mm) System for Safe Phacoemulsification 26. Locomotive Cored Technique for Rapid Fast Safe Phacoemulsification 27. Microincisional Cataract Surgery 28. A Challenging Case of IOL Power Calculation after Previous Refractive Surgery 29. Lens Surgery after Previous Refractive Surgery 30. Phaco in Hard Cataracts Grade–IV 31. How to Do the Microincision Cataract Surgery (MICS) with White Star Technologyand Insertion of the New Accommodating IOL – Crystalens 32. Management of White Cataract 33. Phaco Surgery in Highly Myopic Eyes 34. Toric Bag-in-the-Lens (BIL) Implantation: Why and How to Implant ? 35. Phacosection: A Manual Small Incision No Stitch Cataract Extraction Technique 36. Sutureless Cataract Surgery with Nucleus Extraction “Fishhook Technique” 37. Chop-Multisection and Chop Sticks Technique: Chopper, Spatula andSmall Incision Cataract Surgery 38. Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery with Chevron Incision Section II: Management of Complicated Cataracts and Cataract Surgery Complications 39. Glued IOL 40. PCIOL Scleral Suturing Using Endoscopy 41. Bimanual Microincision Phacoemulsification for Difficult and Challenging Cases 42. Traumatic Cataracts 43. Complicated Cataract Surgical Procedure 44. Pearls for Small Pupil Phaco Surgery 45. Management of IFIS with Biaxial Technique and Malyugin Ring 46. Managing Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome 47. Modern Phaco in Complicated Cases 48. Chandelier Illumination and Bimanual Vitrectomy Used to Remove a Dislocated IOL 49. Prevention of PCO Section III: Advances in Cataract Surgery Techniques and Technology 50. The New Era of Wavefront Guided Cataract Surgery and Astigmatism Correctionwith the O Range Intraoperative Aberrometer 51. No Ultrasound Phaco in CLE with Soft Nucleus 52. Posterior Polar Cataract Phacoemulsification: A Myth Exploded 53. Newer Chopping Techniques in 0.7 mm Bimanual Microphaco 54. Advanced Phaco Techniques (Soft Lens Removal and Implantation of ReSTOR Multifocal Lens) 55. Cataract Surgery in Complex Situations 56. Primary Phacoemulsification Combined with Drainage Angle Viscodissectionin the Management of Chronic Narrow Angle/Angle-ClosureGlaucoma (CNAG/CACG) and Coexistent Cataract 57. Aspheric IOL Technology: Basic Principles and Clinical Application 58. 1.8 mm C-MICS Phaco Chop with Stellaris 59. Lens Laser Combination Surgery 60. AT LISA Toric Multifocal IOL: The Customization of MicroincisionPhaco Refractive Surgery 61. Capsular Bag Refilling Using Capsulotomy Capturing Intraocular Lens 62. Laser Cataract Surgery 63. Micro-biaxial Cataract Surgery Combined with Posterior Vitrectomy 64. Multifocal IOLs 65. Cataract Surgery in Post RK Cases Editors-in-Chief: Ashok Garg, Jorge L. Alio Editors: Marie Jose Tassignon, Keiki R. Mehta, Jerome Jean-Philippe Bovet, Shui H. Lee, Boris Malyugin, D. Ramamurthy, Mahipal S. Sachdev, C.S. Dhull, Gian Maria Cavallini, Roberto Pinelli, Bojan Pajic, Arturo Pérez-Arteaga, Cyres K. Mehta
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