Ct Coronary Angiography: An Atlas Of Investigation And Diagnosis

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F. Cademartiri
Clinical Pub.
Fecha Publicacion
23 feb. 2010
Presents the reader with a thorough grounding in the basics of cardiac CT, with particular reference to coronary artery disease. Primarily a practical guide, this reference includes a review of basic techniques, optimization, data handling and reporting. The atlas is based firmly in a clinical context, comprehensively illustrated throughout and using detailed case studies to demonstrate the role of cardiac CT in a wide variety of clinical settings. An essential reference for the hospital radiology department and trainees in radiology and cardiology. Benefits: * Explores the full potential of CT cardiac techniques, giving a thorough grounding in the subject * A practical, realworld guide, with numerous case studies * Provides collection of high-quality, original images for clinician’s desktop Authors: F Cademartiri, Department of Radiology and Cardiology, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria di Parma, Italy; NR Mollet, Department of Radiology and Cardiology, Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; U Hoffmann, Department of Radiology, Harvard-MGH, Boston, USA. Readership: Specialists in radiology * Cardiologists * Doctors in training CONTENTS Part I: Fundamentals of Cardiac CT 1. Introduction, Cademartiri, Mollet, Hoffmann 2. CT fundamentals, Maffei, Palumbo, Martini, Dijkshoorn, Weustink, Mollet, Cademartiri 3. Cardiac CT basics, Maffei, Palumbo, Martini, Dijkshoorn, Capuano, Weustink, Mollet, Cademartiri 4. Contrast material administration, Cademartiri, Maffei, Palumbo, Martini, Weustink, Mollet 5. How to optimize cardiac CT images, Weustink, Rengo, Capuano, Cademartiri, Mollet 6. How to look at cardiac CT datasets, Benenstein, Blum, Hoffmann 7. How to report cardiac CT, Blum, Benenstein, Hoffmann Part II: Spectrum of diseases 8. Coronary anomalies, La Grutta, Palumbo, Maffei, Weustink, Pugliese, Martini, Mollet, Cademartiri 9. Coronary calcium & plaques, Neefjes-Vermunt, Weustink, Capuano, Rengo, Cademartiri, Mollet 10. Coronary stenosis, Meijboom, Neefjes-Vermunt, Weustink, Capuano, Cademartiri, Mollet 11. Coronary stents, Pugliese, Capuano, Neefjes-Vermunt, Rengo, Cademartiri, Mollet 12. Coronary artery bypass grafts, Weustink, Capuano, Neefjes-Vermunt, Palumbo, Maffei, Cademartiri, Mollet 13. Collateral findings, Malagò, La Grutta, Pugliese, Maffei, Palumbo, Pozzi Mucelli Part III: Clinical applications of cardiac CT & case studies 14. Overview of clinical applications of cardiac CT, Cademartiri, Hoffmann, Mollet 15. Cases: Primary prevention, Palumbo, Maffei, Martini, Capuano, Rossi, Dijkshoorn, Cademartiri 16. Cases: Atypical chest pain, Palumbo, Maffei, Martini, Capuano, Pugliese, Cademartiri 17. Cases: Stable angina & Chronic chest pain, Rengo, Capuano, Neefjes-Vermunt, Weustink, Cademartiri, Mollet 18. Cases: Acute Coronary Syndrome, Capuano, Weustink, Rossi, Dijkshoorn, Cademartiri, Mollet 19. Cases: Secondary prevention, Weustink, Pugliese, Capuano, Rossi, Dijkshoorn, Mollet 20. Cases: Triple rule-out , Palumbo, Maffei, Martini, Rossi, Dijkshoorn, Cademartiri 21. Indications for Cardiac CT, Cademartiri, Mollet, Hoffmann 22. New Horizons in Cardiac CT technology, Capuano, Dijkshoorn, Rossi, Cademartiri, Mollet General index
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