Muscle Biophysics. From Molecules To Cells (Advances In Experimental Medicine And Biology, Vol. 682)

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D. Rassier
Fecha Publicacion
26 feb. 2010
About this book Muscle contraction has been the focus of scientific investigation for more than two centuries, and major discoveries have changed the field over the years. This book centers mostly on mechanical studies, dealing with force production and regulation; it gathers studies performed by scientists who have used diverse muscle techniques, and who have shaped the field of muscle contraction throughout the past years. Starting with theoretical approaches to understand myosin molecule function and energetics, this book covers experimental work performed with single molecules, and discusses results from studies investigating basic mechanisms of contraction, using (mostly in order of appearance) isolated sarcomeres, myofibrils, and fibers are presented. The last chapters summarize studies investigating the effects of acute and chronic adaptations, including weakness and muscle disease. Muscle Biophysics represents an excellent source of information for readers intending to understand the mechanics of muscle contraction, and is a fascinating collection of chapters that will hopefully stimulate young investigators to pursue research in this exciting field of research. Content Level » Professional/practitioner Related subjects » Animal Sciences - Biochemistry & Biophysics - Biophysics & Biological Physics - Cell Biology - Internal Medicine Table of contents Chapter 1, Striated Muscles: From Molecules To Cells D. E. Rassier Chapter 2, Contractile Performance Of Striated Muscle K. A. P. Edman Chapter 3, Energy Economy In The Actomyosin Interaction: Lessons From Simple Models S. L. Lehman Chapter 4, A Strain-Dependency Of Myosin Off-Rate Must Be Sensitive To Frequency To Predict The B-Process Of Sinusoidal Analysis B. M. Palmer Chapter 5, Electron Microscopic Visualization Of The Cross-Bridge Movement Coupled With Atp Hydrolysis In Muscle Thick Filaments In Aqueous Solution, Reminiscences And Future Prospects H. Sugi Chapter 6, Role Of Titin In Skeletal Muscle Function And Disease C. A. C. Ottenheijm, H. Granzier Chapter 7, Contractile Characteristics Of Sarcomeres Arranged In Series Or Mechanically Isolated From Myofibrils D. E. Rassier, I. Pavlov Chapter 8, The Force-Length Relationship Of Mechanically Isolated Sarcomeres W. Herzog, V. Joumaa, T. R. Leonard Chapter 9, Extraction And Replacement Of The Tropomyosin-Troponin Complex In Isolated Myofibrils B. Scellini, N. Piroddi , C. Poggesi, C. Tesi Chapter 10, Stretch And Shortening Of Skeletal Muscles Activated Along The Ascending Limb Of The Force-Length Relation D. E. Rassier, C. Pun Chapter 11, Cross-Bridge Properties In Single Intact Frog Fibers Studied By Fast Stretches B. Colombini, M. Nocella, G. Benelli, G. Cecchi, M. A. Bagni Chapter 12, Crossbridge And Non-Crossbridge Contributions To Force In Shortening And Lengthening Muscle K. W. Ranatunga, H. Roots, G. J. Pinniger, G. W. Offer Chapter 13, Short-Range Mechanical Properties Of Skeletal And Cardiac Muscles K. S. Campbell Chapter 14, Crossbridge Mechanism(S) Examined By Temperature Perturbation Studies On Muscle K. W. Ranatunga, M. E. Coupland Chapter 15, Efficiency Of Cross-Bridges And Mitochondria In Mouse Cardiac Muscle C. J. Barclay, C. Widén Chapter 16, Mechanisms Of Skeletal Muscle Weakness H. Westerblad, N. Place, T. Yamada Chapter 17, Stretch-Induced Membrane Damage In Muscle: Comparison Of Wild-Type And Mdx Mice D. G. Allen, B. Zhang, N. P. Whitehead Chapter 18, Cellular And Whole Muscle Studies Of Activity Dependent Potentiation B. R. Macintosh
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