Comprehensive Nursing Care In Multiple Sclerosis

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June Halper, Nancy Holland, RN, EdD, MSCN
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28 feb. 2010
This is a comprehensive clinical reference for all nurses caring for patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a chronic, often debilitating, neurologic disease that lasts a lifetime. The nurses' role in caring for patients with MS requires innovative, functional, sensitive, and dedicated nursing care that is aimed at providing on-going support for patients. This book assists nurses in helping patients to devise, learn, and implement self-care strategies that can help improve their 'wellness,' their quality of life, and most importantly, provide hope and empowerment. This newly revised edition is completely reorganized, refocused, and updated throughout to provide a stronger focus on two aspects of MS nursing: the concept of hope and the multitude of nursing roles that can make the difference for patients between feeling helpless and feeling hopeful. The variety of nursing roles is highlighted throughout the book using intimate case studies. This revision also highlights the roles of the MS nurse that include the roles of care provider, facilitator, advocate, educator, counselor, and innovator. The book takes a fresh look at these roles and how they can be implemented with MS patients throughout the lifespan. The book is designed to articulate how MS Nurses improve the quality of life for the individual living with the MS diagnosis and to illustrate how to deliver nursing care that is culturally sensitive and lifespan appropriate. Author Bio June Halper, MSN, RN, FAAN is Founder and Board Member of the Foundation of the Consortium of MS Centers (CMSC) and Executive Director of International Organization of MS Nursing MS International Credentialing Board (1998 - present). Ms. Halper also was Founder and, until 5/2008, Executive Director of Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center Holy Names Hospital in Teaneck, NJ (founded 1985), and was Founder and Executive Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Network of NJ (1998 - 2002). Ms Halper is certified as an ANP (by both the ANCC & the AANP), certified as an MS Nurse, and is registered in both NY and NJ as an RN since 1976. She has extensive experience in MS nursing beginning in 1980. Ms Halper has delivered > 100 presentations nationally and internationally, has participated in >30 research projects (some on-going in MS), has published >35 articles and books including three books on MS Nursing for Demos (see below). In addition to those already mentioned, Ms. Halper is a member of 16 professional organizations, including the National MS Society, the Am Society of Neuro Rehabilitation, the ANA, the NJ State Nurses Assoc, the Am Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, the European Neurologic Society, the Am Assoc of Neuroscience Nurses and Rehabilitation in MS. Among other honors bestowed upon her, Ms. Halper has received the Distinguished Alumni Award (Seton Hall Univ) and has been inducted as a Fellow into the American Academy of Nursing.
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