Hearing and deafness. An introduction for health and education professionals

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Paul, P. , Whitelaw, G.M.
Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Fecha Publicacion
4 mar. 2010
Hearing and Deafness presents an overview on the impact of hearing on the development of speech, language, and literacy in English in children and adolescents who are deaf/hard of hearing. This text presents up-to-date information on an array of critical areas in speech and hearing such as hearing aids, cochlear implants, speechreading, aural rehabilitation, and the necessary constructs for developing English language and literacy. This text will provide students with the knowledge required to develop effective skills that can be used in their professional work settings. Hearing and Deafness illustrates clearly the connections between knowledge and practice, particularly from an interdisciplinary framework. It is a text that is solid with respect to theory and research and one that also contains demonstrations of practice.
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