Gait analysis. Normal and pathological function

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Burnfield, J. , Perry, J.
Slack Incorporated
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4 mar. 2010
The extensive and ground-breaking work of Dr. Jacquelin Perry is encompassed and detailed in the world renowned text, Gait Analysis: Normal and Pathological Function. The medical, healthcare, and rehabilitation professions key text for over 18 years on gaitc. Dr. Jacquelin Perry is joined by Dr. Judith Burnfield to present today's latest research findings on human gait. Gait Analysis, Second Edition has been updated and expanded to focus on current research, more sophisticated methods, and the latest equipment available to analyze gait. What is New: ¡A new chapter covering running ¡Synergy of motion between the two limbs ¡A new chapter covering pediatrics ¡A new chapter covering stair negotiation ¡New and updated clinical examples ¡A section on power inside each chapter covering normal gait ¡New methods and equipment to analyze gait This Second Edition to Gait Analysisoffers a re-organization of the chapters and presentation of material in a more user-friendly, yet comprehensive format. Essential information is provided describing gait functions, and clinical examples to identify and interpret gait deviations. Learning is further reinforced with images and photographs.
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