Getting Your Research Paper Published. a Surgical Perspective

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Bhandari, M. - Joensson, A.
Fecha Publicacion
1 ene. 2010
Written from the perspective of experienced surgeons and veteran researchers, this succinct, howto manual provides readers with everything they need to prepare, publish, and present a scientific research paper. The expert authors address every aspect of the publication process, including quality and ethics in academic writing, the rules of authorship, grammar, formatting, style, and much more. Each consistently organized chapter begins with a brief summary and introduction and ends with up-to-date references and carefully selected suggestions for further reading. Features: - Numerous hints and tips appear throughout the text, such as advice on writing abstracts, and information on how to get one’s paper accepted at an international meeting - Valuable examples of good and bad introductions, recommendations for using statistical data, and common pitfalls in the reporting of surgical results - Easy-to-reference text boxes present Key Concepts, Jargon Simplified, and Reality Checks - Detailed diagrams help readers visualize complex points This must-have reference is essential reading for every surgeon, surgical resident and clinical researcher who wants to contribute to the scientific community through publication in academic journals. Getting Your Research Paper Published: A Surgical Perspective is the ideal companion to Clinical Research for Surgeons by the same authors. CONTENTS How to write research papers, hints and tips on quality control, pitfalls, contents, ethics, authorship, grammar and formatting instructions, tips for presenting posters at international meetings, abstracts, oral presentations.
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