Manual Of Oculoplastic Surgery

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Mark R. Levine
Slack Incorporated
Fecha Publicacion
6 mar. 2010
A best-seller for two decades, the well respected and widely used Manual of Oculoplastic Surgery by Dr. Mark R. Levine has been updated and revised into a much anticipated Fourth Edition. Manual of Oculoplastic Surgery is designed to guide the physician to explore and complete a variety of ocular plastic procedures in a comprehensive and logical step-by-step sequence. SOME SECTIONS INSIDE INCLUDE: ¡ö Trauma ¡ö Cosmetic ¡ö Congenital Ptosis ¡ö Acquired Ptosis ¡ö Eyelid Malpositions ¡ö Facial Nerve Dysfunction ¡ö Eyelid Flaps ¡ö Orbital Surgery Each procedure includes a review of the surgical anatomy, step-by-step instructions, and accompanying illustrations¡ªover 500 throughout the text! New topics covered include: ¡ö Sinus surgery ¡ö Face fillers ¡ö Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy ¡ö Midface lift ¡ö Asian bletharoplasty ¡ö Naugle-Levine lid reconstruction procedure The Manual of Oculoplastic Surgery is a classic text and a must have resource for ophthalmologists, oculofacial plastic fellows, residents, ENT-facial plastic surgeons, and general plastic surgeons.
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