Dermatologic Surgery + DVD

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Robert Paver
Mcgraw-Hill Education
Fecha Publicacion
21 feb. 2011
A brand new dermatologic surgery text like no other, with 100 DVD surgical clips Dermatologic Surgery: a manual of defect repair options by Robert Paver, Duncan Stanford and Leslie Storey is an exciting new title from McGraw-Hill Medical Australia. This invaluable new surgical manual brings to bear text, illustration, photographs, and two narrated DVDs to the subject of dermatological surgical repair. Every area of the body is covered, with particular emphasis on the head and neck. Each chapter lists the repair options for that specific anatomical region and each of those options is then outlined in detail, including the advantages, disadvantages, and a step-by-step description of each. Accompanying the text are 100s of color photos, more than 100 color illustrations, and two DVDs that contain 100 surgical clips that demonstrate the various repair options as performed by the authors and narrated by Dr. Paver. Endorsed by The Skin and Cancer Foundation of Australia Key Features Step by step description of repair closure techniques Hundreds of colour photos Over a hundred colour illustrations 100 DVD clips of live surgeries, narrated by Robert Paver Clear design, with the book ordered by anatomical regions Contents: Section 1 ' Nose Introduction Chapter 1 Tip Chapter 2 Ala Chapter 3 Dorsum Chapter 4 Sidewall Chapter 5 Root Section 2 ' Forehead and Temple Introduction Chapter 6 Central Forehead Chapter 7 Lateral Forehead Chapter 8 Eyebrow and Suprabrow Chapter 9 Temple Section 3 ' Perioral Introduction Chapter 10 Lateral Upper Lip Chapter 11 Central Upper Lip Chapter 12 Vermilion Upper Lip Chapter 13 Lateral Lower Lip Chapter 14 Central Lower Lip Chapter 15 Vermilion Lower Lip Chapter 16 Chin Section 4 - Cheeks Introduction Chapter 17 Medial Cheek Chapter 18 Central Cheek Chapter 19 Pre Auricular Chapter 20 Mandibular Section 5 ' Ears Introduction Chapter 21 Upper Helical Rim Chapter 22 Mid Helical Rim Chapter 23 Concha Chapter 24 Anterior Ear Chapter 25 Posterior Ear Chapter 26 Ear Lobe Section 6 ' Perioccular Introduction Chapter 27 Lateral Canthus Chapter 28 Lower Eyelid Chapter 29 Medial Canthus Chapter 30 Upper Eyelid Section 7 ' Scalp Introduction Chapter 31 Scalp Section 8 ' Neck and Mastoid Introduction Chapter 32 Neck Chapter 33 Mastoid Section 9 ' Trunk and Limbs Chapter 34 Trunk and Limbs
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