Work and Cancer Survivors

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Feuerstein, Michael
Fecha Publicacion
18 ene. 2011
Work and Cancer Survivors Edited by Michael Feuerstein, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland Cancer survivors are returning to the workplace in higher numbers than ever before. This is a positive outcome of the "war on cancer", however, many of these cancer survivors face the possibility of illness- or treatment-related complications; employer discrimination or harassment; and other serious concerns. Work and Cancer Survivors reviews many of the issues relevant to cancer survivors in the workplace from the survivors’, employers’, and global perspectives. This interdisciplinary volume brings together experts in fields as varied as epidemiology, economics, rehabilitation, psychology, ergonomics, law and public policy to create a unique, up-to-date reference of what is currently known and what needs to be considered in the future. With this knowledge, challenges faced by this growing population can be better addressed by health care providers, employers, survivors and their families. Among the topics covered: •The significance of work for survivors. •Economic burden. •Factors affecting work, including pain, fatigue, and cognitive limitations. •Primary and occupational health care approaches, rehabilitation, and workplace accommodation. •Legal and policy issues. •Work concerns specific to young cancer survivors. •International efforts and Policy development. In addition to its value to researchers and clinicians working with cancer survivors, the book has immediate salience to professionals and students in behavioral medicine and health psychology, psychiatry, public health, physical and occupational therapy, vocational rehabilitation and social work. As treatment outcomes improve and the workforce continues to age, the information in Work and Cancer Survivors will only gain in relevance. Content Level » Research Keywords » ergonomics - oncology - rehabilitation - reintegration - survivor - worker productivity - workplace - workplace accomodation Related subjects » Labor Economics - Medicine - Oncology & Hematology - Population Studies - Public Health
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