8th International Conference on the Scientific and Clinical Applications of Magnetic Carriers

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Häfeli, Urs , Schütt, Wolfgang , Zborowski, Maciej
Fecha Publicacion
19 jul. 2010
The magnetic carrier meeting discuss all aspects of magnetic nanospheres, magnetic microspheres and ferrofluids. These special particles are highly useful in molecular biology to extract or purify cells or subcellular agents, in vitro diagnostics, contrast agents in MR imaging, stem cell separation, magnetic drug delivery, toxic metal removal, magnetic cell sorting, hyperthermia treatment, groundwater decontamination and magnetic particle motion analysis. Newer biophysical applications include biosensors and lab-on-chip systems, as well as imaging with Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI), a very new technique that will revolutionize non-radioactive imaging. The conference size is now around 400 participants, from all different scientific areas touching onto nanobiotechnology and thus highly collaborative. Content Level » Research Keywords » drug delivery - magnetic microspheres and ferrofluids - magnetic nanospheres - molecular biology - stem cell separation Related subjects » Biophysics & Biological Physics - Radiology
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