Robotic and Laparoscopic Reconstructive Surgery in Children and Adults

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Ost, Michael C.
Fecha Publicacion
21 ene. 2011
Robotic and Laparoscopic Reconstructive Surgery In Children and Adults is a unique volume focusing on the union between adult and pediatric urologic surgical techniques. The breadth of this wonderful convergence is most clearly and consistently demonstrated when minimally invasive reconstructive techniques are utilized. This volume describes in detail the surgical steps of the major adult and pediatric reconstructive laparoscopic and robotic cases. It includes detailed drawings, step-wise explanation, and access to video clips provided by experts who have performed these procedures. Pediatric urologists, adult urologists, fellows, and urology residents will find this volume to be a comprehensive, yet concise, reference for most all robotic and laparoscopic procedures that may be performed within this vast discipline. Content Level » Professional/practitioner Keywords » bladder surgery - laparoscopic urology - minimally invasive urology - orchiopexy - reconstructive urology - renal surgery - robotic urology - uteral surgery Related subjects » Surgery - Urology
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