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Samir S. Shah
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8 ago. 2011
Description ***LIBRO EN LIQUIDACION*** This book explores the emerging link between hormones, hormone imbalance and allergies. Beginning with an overview and the genetics of allergy this text looks at the common manifestations and reaction caused by allergies, their pathophysiology and diagnosis before moving to a discussion of the availability and efficacy of therapeutic options including SLIT therapy (Sublingual Immunotherapy). Table of Contents 1. History 1.1 History of Allergy 1.2 History of Hormone Allergy 2. Classifications 2.1 Allergy, Atopy, Allergens 2.2 Classification of Allergens 2.3 Hormone Allergy and Hormone Allergens 3. Genetics 3.1 Genetics of Allergy 3.2 Genetics of Hormone Allergy 4. Causes 4.1 Causes of Allergy 4.1 Causes of Hormone Allergy 5. Reactions 5.1 Allergy Reactions 5.2 Hormone Allergy Reactions 6. Inflammatory Mechanisms 6.1 Inflammatory Mechanisms of Allergy 6.2 Inflammatory Mechanisms of Hormone Allergy 7. Pathophysiology 7.1 Pathophysiology of Allergy 7.2 Pathophysiology of Hormone Allergy 8. Manifestations 8.1 The Manifestations of Allergy 8.2 The Manifestations of Hormone Allergy 9. Diagnosis 9.1 Diagnosing Allergy 9.2 Diagnosing Hormone Allergy 10. Therapy 10.1 Avoidance of Allergens 10.2 Pharmacotherapy 10.3 Allergen Immunotherapy 10.4 Anti-IgE Immunotherapy 10.5 Genetic Immunotherapy 10.6 Setting the Biological Clock 10.6 Provision of Hormones: A Cure for Hormone Allergy 10.7 Immunotherapy for Hormone Allergy.
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