Photosensitive molecules for controlling biological function (neuromethods, vol. 55)

103,18 € 99,21 €
J. Chambers, R. Kramer
Humana Press
Fecha Publicacion
2 mar. 2011
The development of new photochemical tools, some synthesized by chemists and some provided by nature, is rapidly changing the way neurobiological research is performed in the modern laboratory. In Photosensitive Molecules for Controlling Biological Function, expert researchers in the field examine the most cutting-edge tools currently available. Divided into three sections, this detailed compendium features techniques involving natural photosensitive proteins, caged neurotransmitters, and small molecule photoswitches that bestow light sensitivity on ion channels and receptors. Written for the Neuromethods series, this volume features the type of meticulous description and implementation advice that is crucial for getting optimal results in the lab. Authoritative and practical, Photosensitive Molecules for Controlling Biological Function provides an unbiased comparison of the various photochemical tools currently available for controlling neuronal activity in order to aid scientists in the vital goal of choosing the right tools for the right job. Content Level » Professional/practitioner Keywords » Caged neurotransmitters - Light delivery - Neural function - Photochemical tools - Photoresponsive proteins - Small molecule photoswitches - Synthetic chemistry Related subjects » Neuroscience
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