Bradley - Neurology in Clinical Practice E-dition (Book + Website Package) 2 vols.

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Joseph Jankovic, Gerald Fenichel, Robert B. Daroff, Walter G. Bradley
Butterworth Heinemann
Fecha Publicacion
19 dic. 2007
Authoritative and expertly informed, the fifth edition of Neurology in Clinical Practice continues to bring you the most current clinical neurology in a versatile, multimedia format. The result of years of experience, this outstanding resource leads you through the thought processes of seasoned clinicians. This versatile, new E-dition includes the 2-volume set and a dedicated website featuring the entire text, fully searchable, along with video clips and additional full-color illustrations, links to related websites, and regular updates. Includes a new chapter on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, reflecting latest in the clinical area of neurophysiology. Contains new contributions from some of the most respected names in the field. Utilizes a new, full-color design for a cleaner look that’s easier to consult. What's New Covers all disorders and authoritative approaches to diagnosis and management. Keeps you up to date on the latest advances in the field. Logical formatting that mirrors the way you treat patients in practice. Contents VOLUME I: PRINCIPLES OF DIAGNOSIS AND MANAGEMENT Part I: Approach to Common Neurologic Problems 01. Diagnosis of Neurological Disease, Joseph Jankovic, MD 02. Episodic impairment of consciousness, Joseph Bruni, MD FRCPC 03. Falls and drop attacks, Robert B. Daroff, MD and Bernd F. Remler, MD 04. Delirium and confusional states, Mario F Mendez, MD, PhD 05. Clinical approach to stupor and coma, Joseph R Berger, MD 06. Approaches to intellectual and memory impairments, Howard S. Kirshner, MD 07. Global developmental delay and developmental regression, David Michelson, MD and Stephen Ashwal, MD 08. Behavior and personality disturbances, Jane Paulsen, PhD and Carissa Nehl 09. Depression and psychosis in neurological practice, Bruce Price, MD and Evan D. Murray, MD 10. Upper Limb Action-Intentional and Cognitive-Apraxic Motor Disorders, Robert T. Watson. Kenneth Heilman, MD, Leslie J. Gonzalez Rothi and Edward Valenstein 11. The agnosias (incl definition of neglect), Howard S. Kirshner, MD 12. Language Disorders 12A. Aphasia. Howard S. Kirshner, MD 12B. Motor Speech Disorders: Dysarthria and Apraxia of Speech, Howard S. Kirshner, MD 13. Neurogenic dysphagia, Ronald Pfeiffer, MD 14. Vision loss, Robert Tomsak, MD PhD 15. Abnormalities of the optic nerve and retina, Sashank Prasad and Laura Balcer, MD 16. Eye movement disorders: Diplopia, nystagmus, and other ocular oscillations, Patrick Lavin, MB, BCh, BAO, MRCPI 17. Pupillary and eyelid abnormalities, Janet C. Rucker, M.D. 18. Dizziness, Vertigo, & Hearing loss, Robert W. Baloh, MD and Kevin Kerber, MD 19. Disturbances of taste and smell, Robert G Mair, MD and Pasquale Finelli, MD 20. Cranial and facial pain, Jerry Swanson, MD, David F. Black, MD, and J.D. Bartleson, MD 21. Brainstem syndromes, Michael Wall, MD 22. Ataxic disorders, SH Subramony, MD 23. Movement disorders: Diagnosis and assessment, Anthony E. Lang and Joseph Jankovic, MD 24. Gait disorders, Philip Thompson, MBBS, PhD, FRACP 25. Hemiplegia and monoplegia, Karl Misulis, MD PhD 26. Paraplegia and spinal cord syndromes, Stephen Waxman, MD PhD and Thomas Byrne, MD 27. Proximal, distal, and generalized weakness, David C Preston, MD, Barbara E. Shapiro, and Jenice A. Robinson 28. Muscle pain and cramps, Alan Pestronk, MD and J. Americo Fernandes Filho 29. The hypotonic (floppy) infant, Gerald M Fenichel, MD 30. Sensory abnormalities of the limbs, trunk, and face, Karl Misulis, MD, PhD 31. Neurological causes of bladder, bowel, and sexual dysfunction, Clare Fowler, FRCP and Ranan DasGupta, MA, MD, MRCS 32. Arm and neck pain, Michael Ronthal, MD 33. Lower back and lower limb pain, Karl Misulis, MD PhD Part II: Neurological Investigations and Related Clinical Neurosciences 34. Laboratory investigations in diagnosis and management of neruological disease, Joseph Jankovic, MD 35. Clinical Neurophysiology 35A. Electroencephalography and evoked potentials, Ronald G Emerson, MD AND Timothy Pedley, MD 35B. Clinical Electromyography, Bashar Katirji, MD, FACP 35C. Transcranial magnetic stimulation, Mark Hallett, MD and Young Sohn, MD 35D. Intraoperative monitoring, Eli M. Mizrahi, MD 36. Neuroimaging 36A. Structural Neuroimaging, Rita C Bhatia, MBBS, MD and Evelyn Sklar, MD 36B. Angiography by computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, Brian Bowen, MD and Rita C Bhatia, MBBS 36C. Neuroangiographic Functional Anatomy, Ajay Wakhloo, MD and Johnny S. Sandhu, MD 36D. Ultrasound Imaging of Cerebral Vasculature, Charles H. Tegeler and Viken L Babikian, MD 36E. Functional neuroimaging, Abdulrahim Alshehri, MD, FRCPC and A. Jon Stoessl, MD FRCP 37. Neuropsychology, Jane Paulsen, PhD and Kevin M. Duff 38. Neuro-Ophthalmology: Ocular Motor System, David Morrison, MD and Patrick Lavin, MB, BCh, BAO, MRCPI 39. Neuro-ophthalmology: Afferent Visual System, Robert Tomsak, MD, PhD 40. Neurotology: Laboratory investigations in diagnosis and management of neuro-otology disorders, Robert W Baloh, MD and Kevin Kerber, MD 41. Uro-neurology, Ranan DasGupta, MA, MD, MRCS and Clare Fowler, FRCP 42. Neuroepidemiology, Mitchell Wallin, MD MPH and John F Kurtzke, MD 43. Clinical neurogenetics, Stephen J. Tapscott, MD, PhD and Thomas Bird, MD 44. Neuroimmunology, Samia Khoury, MD and Tanuja Chitnis 45. Neuroendocrinology, Paul Cooper, MD FRCPC 46. Management of neurological disease, Joseph Jankovic, MD 47. Principles of neuropharmacology and therapeutics, Francis Gengo, MD 48. Principles of pain management, YiLi Zhou, MD 49. Principles of neurointensive care, Alejandro Rabinstein, MD 50. Principles of neurosurgery, Eric Deshaies, James M. Schumacher, Deborah O. Heros, MD, and Roberto Heros, MD 51. Principles of endovascular surgery, Italo Linfante, MD, Johnny Sandhu, MD, and Ajay Wakhloo, MD 52. Principles and practices of neurological rehabilitation (cut back on basic science), Bruce H. Dobkin, MD VOLUME II: THE NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS Part III: Neurological Diseases 53. Neurological Complications of Systemic Disease 53A. Neurological complications of systemic disease: In adults, Michael Aminoff, MD DSc, FRCP 53B. Neurological complications of systemic disease: In children, Aline Hamati, MD 54. Trauma of the Nervous System 54A. Basic neuroscience of neurotrauma, Dalton Dietrich, MD and Helen M. Bramlett, PhD 54B. Craniocerebral trauma, Donald Marion, MD 54C. Spinal cord trauma, Vishal C. Gala, MD, MPH, Richard Fessler, MD, Jean-Marc Voyadzis, MD, Dae-Hyun Kim, MD and Alparslan Asir, MD 54D. Trauma of the Nervous System: Peripheral Nerve Trauma, Bryan Tsao, MD, Brian Murray, MB, BCh, BAO, MSc, Francois Bethoux, MD and Nicholas Boulis, MD 55. Vascular Diseases of the Nervous System 55A. Ischemic cerebrovascular disease, José Biller, MD, Betsy B. Love, and Michael J. Schneck 55B. Intracerebral hemorrhage, Carlos Kase, MD 55C. Intracranial aneurysms and subarachnoid hemorrhage, Warren Selman, MD, Robert W Tarr, MD, and Jose Suarez, MD 55D. Vascular malformations, Warren Selman, MD, Robert W Tarr, MD, and Jose Suarez, MD 55E. Stroke in children, Meredith R. Golomb and José Biller, MD 55F. Spinal cord vascular disease, David Geldmacher, MD and Brian Bowen, MD 55G. Central nervous system vasculitis, James Schmidley, MD 56. Cancer and the Nervous System, Tracy Batchelor,MD MPH 56A. Epidemiology, Dominique S. Michaud, ScD 56B. Pathology and molecular genetics, Arie Perry, Reid R. Heffner, Jr., and David N. Louis, MD 56C. Clinical features and complications, Mark R. Gilbert, MD 56D. Management of primary nervous system tumors in adults, Joachim M Baehring, MD 56E. Management of primary nervous system tumors in infants and children, Samuel Blackman, MD, Alfredo D. Voloschin, MD and Jeffrey C. Allen, MD 56F. Nervous system metastases, Patrick Y. Wen, MD, David Schiff, MD and Aman Savani, MD 56G. Paraneoplastic disorders, Myrna R. Rosenfeld, MD, PhD and Josep Dalmau, MD, PhD 57. Infections of the Nervous System, Ashok Verma, MD, DM 57A. Bacterial Infections, Ashok Verman, MD, DM 57B. Viral infections, Kenneth L. Tyler, MD and Marylou Solbrig 57C. Fungal infections, Usha Kant Misra, Jayantee Kalita, and Ashok Verma, MD, DM 57D. Parasitic infections, Ashok Verma, MD, DM, Man Mohan Mehndiratta and Ashok Panagariya 57E. Neurological manifestations of Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection in adults, Ashok Verma, MD, DM 57F. Neurological manifestations of Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection in children, Ashok Verma, MD, DM 57G. Prion diseases, Thomas Wisniewski, Martin Sadowski, and Ashok Verma, MD, DM 58. Multiple Sclerosis and other inflammatory demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system, Aaron E. Miller and Fred D. Lublin, MD 59. Anoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy, E. F. Wijdicks, MD 60. Toxic and metabolic encephalopathies, Alan Lockwood, MD 61. Deficiency diseases of the nervous system, Yuen So, MD, PhD, and Roger P. Simon 62. Effects of Toxins and Physical Agents on the Nervous System 62A. Effects of occupational toxins of the nervous system, Michael Aminoff, MD, DSc, FRCP 62B. Effects of drug abuse on the nervous system, Yuen So 62C. Neurotoxins of animals and plants, Yuen So 62D. Marine toxins, Yuen So 62E. Effect of physical agents on the nervous system, Michael Aminoff, MD, DSc, FRCP 63. Brain edema and disorders of cerebrospinal fluid circulation, Gary Rosenberg, MD 64. Developmental disorders of the nervous system, Harvey Sarnat, MD, FRCPC and Laura Flores-Sarnat, MD 65. Developmental disabilities, Gail Ross, PhD and Ruth Nass, MD 66. Inborn errors of metabolism of the nervous system, Greg Pastores, MD 67. Mitochondrial disorders, Ashok Verma, MD, DM, Michio Hirano, and Carlos Moraes, MD 68. Channelopathies: Episodic and electrical disorders of the nervous system, Louis Ptáèek, MD, Robert A. Lenz MD, PhD, and Geoffrey Kerchner, MD, PhD 69. Neurocutaneous syndromes, Steve Roach, MD, and Monica P. Islam, MD 70. The dementias, Steven T DeKosky, MD, Daniel Kaufer, MD, and Oscar L Lopez, MD 71. The epilepsies, William H Trescher, MD and Ronald Lesser, MD 72. Sleep and its disorders, Sudhansu Chokroverty, MD 73. Headache and other craniofacial pain, Ivan Garza, MD, Christopher Boes, MD, Jerry Swanson, MD, David Dodick, MD, David Capobianco, MD, and F. Michael Cutrer, MD 74. Cranial neuropathies, Janet C Rucker, MD 75. Movement disorders, Kathleen M. Shannon and Joseph Jankovic, MD 76. Disorders of the cerebellum, including the degenerative ataxias, S. H. Subramony, MD 77. Disorders of bones, joints, ligaments, and meninges, David P. Ciaverella, DO and Richard Rosenbaum, MD 78. Disorders of upper and lower motor neurons, Brian Murray, MD and Hiroshi Mitsumoto, MD, DSc 79. Disorders of nerve roots and plexuses, David Chad, MD= 80. Disorders of peripheral nerves, Yad Harati, MD 81. Disorders of the autonomic nervous system, David Robertson, MD 82. Disorders of neuromuscular transmission, James F. Howard, Jr., MD and Donald Sanders, MD 83. Disorders of skeletal muscle, Anthony Amato, MD and Michael H. Brooke 84. Neurological problems of the newborn, Alan Hill, MD, PhD 85. Neurological problems of pregnancy, D. Malcolm Shaner, MD
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