Rpinciples Of Perinatal And Pediatric Hiv/Aids

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Rashid H. Merchant, Mamatha M. Lala
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1 nov. 2011
Principles of Perinatal & Pediatric HIV/AIDS is a comprehensive guide to the treatment of children with HIV/AIDS. Beginning with an introduction to HIV infected children, the book following sections consider clinical manifestations of the disease, perinatal and newborn HIV, HIV in adolescence and management of the disease. Authored by international specialists from Europe, Asia, South Africa and the USA, this text includes numerous images and illustrations to enhance learning. Table of Contents ¡öSECTION I: BASIC SCIENCES 1.Immunologic Considerations in the Management of HIV Infected Children 2.Virology and Laboratory Diagnosis of HIV Infection in Infants and Children 3.Natural History of HIV in Children 4.Pharmacotherapy of Pediatric HIV Infection ¡öSECTION II: CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS OF HIV INFECTION IN CHILDREN 1.Clinical Manifestations of HIV/AIDS in Children: An Overview 2.Dermatological Manifestations of HIV in Children 3.Ocular Manifestations in Children with HIV 4.HIV/AIDS: A Pediatric Dentistry Perspective 5.Neurological Manifestations of HIV in Children 6.Pulmonary Manifestations in Children with HIV 7.Cardiac Manifestations in HIV Infected Children 8.Hematological Aspects and Management of Pediatric HIV Disease 9.Renal Disease in Pediatric HIV Infection 10.Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Manifestations in Children with HIV 11.Growth/Development/Puberty in HIV Infected Children and Disorders of the Same 12.Malignancies Associated with Pediatric HIV Infection 13.Opportunistic Infections in HIV Infected Children 14.HIV and Tuberculosis Co-infection in Children 15.Hepatitis B Co-infection in HIV Infected Individuals with Special Reference to Children 16.Hepatitis C Co-infection in HIV Infected Individuals with Special Reference to Children 17.Malaria and HIV Infection 18.Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome in Children 19.The HIV Infected Child in the Emergency Department ¡öSECTION III: WOMAN, NEWBORN AND HIV 1.A Guide to the Clinical Care of Pregnant Women with HIV 2.Vertical Transmission of HIV: An Update 3.Prevention of In Utero and Intrapartum HIV: Mother-to-Child Transmission: 4.Care of a Child Born to a HIV Positive Mother 5.Breastfeeding Issues in the Context of HIV 6.Perinatal HIV and Tuberculosis Infection and Management ¡öSECTION IV: HIV AND THE ADOLESCENT 1.Growing Up with HIV: The Challenges and Concerns Associated with Perinatally Infected HIV-1 2.Positive Youth 3.Neurodevelopmental, Neurocognitive and Neuropsychological Outcomes in Adolescents with 4.Perinatal HIV-1 Infection ¡öSECTION V: MANAGEMENT ISSUES OF HIV INFECTED CHILDREN 1.An A, B, C, D Approach to Nutrition in the HIV Infected Child 2.Vaccinations for HIV Infected Children 3.Management of HIV Infection During Infancy 4.Prevention of Opportunistic Infections and Other Infectious Complications of HIV in Children 5.Risks and Management of Occupational and Nonoccupational Exposure in Pediatric HIV 6.Managing Failing ART Regimens in Children 7.Laboratory Monitoring of HIV in Children 8.Antiretroviral Treatment Toxicities in Children 9.Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy in Children¡ªChallenges and Strategies ¡öSECTION VI: MISCELLANEOUS ISSUES 1.HIV-1 Drug Resistance 2.Psychosocial Issues in Children Infected/Affected with HIV 3.Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues for the Indian HIV Infected Child 4.Nursing Issues in Children with HIV 5.Care of an HIV Positive Child in Day-to-Day Life 6.Orphans of the AIDS Epidemic 7.Interventions of the NGOs Caring for HIV Infected/Affected Children in India
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