Eating Disorders In Women And Children. Prevention, Stress Management, And Treatment

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Kristin L. Goodheart, James R. Clopton, Jacalyn J. Robert-McComb
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14 oct. 2011
Our understanding of eating disorders has improved markedly over the past 10 years since the publication of the previous edition of this volume. Early intervention is the key, as body dissatisfaction, obsession with thinness, and restrained and binge eating can be found in those as young as ten. Exploring prevention methods and therapeutic options, the second edition of Eating Disorders in Women and Children: Prevention, Stress Management, and Treatment is updated with new research on these devastating maladies. Highlights in the second edition include: ¡öAn emphasis on the physiology of eating disorders and genetic factors related to anorexia and bulimia ¡öTheories on prevention and the identification of at-risk individuals ¡öThe latest information on therapeutic modalities, including cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, constructionist, and narrative approaches as well as pharmaceutical management ¡öNutritional evaluation and treatment ¡öSpecific exercise recommendations for women and children with eating disorders With contributions from acclaimed clinicians widely known for their work with the eating disorder population, this volume recognizes the multifaceted nature of these disorders, addresses the widening demographic range of those afflicted, and delves into the issues behind their development. It provides practical recommendations for treatment from many perspectives, presenting enormous hope for people who painfully struggle with these disorders. In addition, it explores critical measures that can be taken to help the larger population understand and work to prevent eating disorders in their communities. Features ¡öFocuses on the characteristics of stress that contribute to eating disorders ¡öProvides recommendations for stress management through the adoption of healthy behaviors ¡öPresents the most up-to-date therapeutic approaches to the treatment of eating disorders ¡öDiscusses how to prevent eating disorders in the school curriculum through educational programs ¡öOffers insight into how society contributes to eating disorders Table of Contents ¡öIdentifying and Understanding Eating Disorders ¡öAn Overview of Eating Disorders; J. J. Robert-McComb, L. Wilson-Barlow, and K. L. Goodheart ¡öThe Psychology of Eating Disorders; K. L. Goodheart, H. L. Gibson, and J. R. Clopton ¡öThe Physiology of Anorexia Nervosa; A. Gary, J. Campbell-Ruggaard, K. L. Goodheart, and J. R. Clopton ¡öThe Physiology of Bulimia Nervosa; J. J. Robert-McComb and B. McCullough ¡öMeasures of Eating Disorder Symptoms and Body Image Disturbance; S. Kashubeck-West, K. Saunders, and H.-h. Huang ¡öThe Characteristics of Stress ¡öThe Physiology of Stress; J. J. Robert-McComb, and B. O. Young ¡öThe Psychology of Stress and Coping; S. W. Cook, C. L. Thompson, and V. A. Coca-Lyle ¡öSociety and Eating Disorders ¡öFamily Dynamics; A. S. Kluck, J. R. Clopton, and J. Snider Kent ¡öBody Image; S. Kashubeck-West, K. Saunders, and A. Coker ¡öSexuality and Eating Disorders; A. S. Kluck, S. Garos, and L. Johnson ¡öPrevention of Eating Disorders ¡öFactors Associated with Eating Disorders in Children; J. L. Rohwer ¡öEducational Programs Aimed at Primary Prevention; J. L. Rohwer ¡öAn Ecological Approach to the Prevention of Eating Disorders in Children and Adolescents; M. Massey-Stokes, B. A. Barton, M. Golman, and D. J. Holland ¡öDeveloping Healthy Attitudes and Behaviors to Manage Stress and Eating Disorders ¡öBehavior Modification; A. M. Tac¨n ¡öSocial-Emotional Learning, Interpersonal Skills, and Resilience; M. Massey-Stokes and S. B. Stokes ¡öExercise Guidelines: Specific Recommendations for Women and Children with Eating Disorders; J. J. Robert-McComb and V. Bayer ¡öNutritional Evaluation and Treatment of Eating Disorders; A. A. Thompson and A. J. Danielson ¡öNutritional Needs in Special Populations with Eating Disorders; S. Rushing ¡öTherapeutic Approaches to the Treatment of Eating Disorders ¡öCognitive Behavioral Approaches for Treating Eating Disorders; M. M. Abbott and K. L. Goodheart ¡öInterpersonal Approaches for Treating Eating Disorders; K. L. Goodheart, M. M. Abbott, and J. R. Clopton ¡öConstructivist and Narrative Approaches for Treating Eating Disorders; K. L. Goodheart and S. L. Harter ¡öPharmaceutical Approaches for Treating Eating Disorders; M. L. Hoes and B. Curtis Authors Kristin L. Goodheart, MS is completing her PhD in clinical psychology and is conducting research about the relationships among shame, perfectionism, and symptoms of eating disorders. James R. Clopton, PhD is a licensed psychologist with over 20 years experience doing psychotherapy and psychological assessment with children, adolescents, and adults. Jacalyn J. McComb, PhD, FACSM is a professor in exercise physiology. Her research interest is in teaching others to cope with the stressors in their daily lives through mindfulness-based exercise programs.
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