Ebersole & Hess' Toward Healthy Aging, Human Needs And Nursing Response

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T. Touhy, K. Jett
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27 oct. 2011
Grounded in the core competencies recommended by the AACN in collaboration with the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, Ebersole & Hess' Toward Healthy Aging, 8th Edition is the most comprehensive resource on health promotion and maintenance for older adults and their caregivers. With coverage of communication, safety and ethical considerations, new genetic research, key aging issues, and common and uncommon conditions, you will have the knowledge you need to promote healthy lifestyle choices, properly address end-of-life issues, and provide effective, holistic care for older adults. KEY FEATURES Consistent chapter organization with objectives, case studies with critical thinking questions, and research questions make information easy to access and use. A strong focus on health and wellness emphasizes a positive approach to aging. Disease processes are discussed in the context of healthy adaptation, nursing support, and responsibilities. Research highlights help incorporate the latest research findings into practice. Nutrition chapter includes the most current guidelines for older adults and addresses patients' dietary needs. Scales and guidelines for proper health assessment provide the essential information for assessing the older adult patient. Case studies with critical thinking questions offer realistic situations to expand your knowledge and understanding. Careful attention to age, cultural, and gender differences are integrated throughout and highlight important considerations when caring for older adults. Content grounded in the core competencies offers the knowledge needed to achieve the National League for Nursing ACES program's Essential Nursing Actions and meets the Recommended Baccalaureate Competencies and Curricular Guidelines for the Nursing Care of Older Adults, the Geriatric Nursing Education State of the Science Papers, and the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing Best Practices in Nursing Care to Older Adults. NEW TO THIS EDITION NEW! QSEN content highlights quality and safety issues students need to know when treating older patients. NEW! Chapter covering the role of communication emphasizes the importance of communication in improving care. NEW! Focus on genetics highlights the vast amount of new genetic research and its effects on all aspects of health and aging. NEW! Information on ethical considerations explores and illustrates potential issues when dealing with older adults. NEW! Healthy People 2020 information assists your students in integrating their knowledge about healthy aging considerations into care. REVIEWS "The latest edition of Toward Healthy Aging should be on the shelf of every student and practitioner who cares for older adults, as well as those who teach them. The text is well written, timely, logically organized, and chock full of clearly presented, useful, state-of-the-science information that is easy to digest. Learning objectives, tables, boxes, figures, case studies , research features/questions and comprehensive references add to the pedagogical value of this important text." Kathleen Buckwalter, PhD, RN University of Iowa College of Nursing Iowa City, Iowa "Building on the excellent foundation of the 1st edition in 1981 by Drs. Ebersole and Hess, this 8th edition edited by Drs. Touhy and Jett effectively communicates the essential geriatric content required for competent practice with older adults. This book also goes beyond the typical health and psychosocial issues of late adulthood by addressing important topics that truly facilitate person-centered care such as the chapters describing the use of herb and suppliants, intimacy and sexuality, relationship, roles and transitions as well as self-care spirituality and transcendence. This high-quality book is a valuable core text for undergraduate nursing students and a superb reference for practicing nurses." Elizabeth Capezuti, PhD, RN, FAAN Dr. John W. Rowe Professor in Successful Aging Co-Director, Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing New York University College of Nursing, New York TABLE OF CONTENTS PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS OF HEALTHY AGING 1. Gerontological Nursing and an Aging Society 2. Health and Wellness 3. Theories of Aging 4. Physiological Changes with Aging 5. Culture, Gender, and Aging 6. Communicating with Older Adults PART TWO: FOUNDATIONS OF CARING 7. Health Assessment in Gerontological Nursing 8. Laboratory Values and Diagnostics 9. Geropharmacology 10. The Use of Herbs and Supplements in Late Life PART THREE: WELLNESS AND FUNCTION 11. Elimination, Sleep, Skin, and Foot Care 12. Mobility 13. Environmental Safety and Security 14. Nutrition and Hydration PART FOUR: WELLNESS AND CHRONIC ILLNESS 15. Chronic Conditions 16. Care Across the Continuum 17. Pain and Comfort 18. Mental Health 19. Cognitive Impairment PART FIVE: HEALTHY AGING FOR ELDERS AND THEIR FAMILIES 20. Economic, Legal and Ethical Issues 21. Intimacy and Sexuality in Late Life 22. Relationships, Roles, and Transitions 23. Loss, Death, and Dying in Late Life 24. Self-Actualization, Spirituality, and Transcendence AUTHOR By Theris A. Touhy, DNP, CNS, DPNAP, ProfessorChristine E. Lynn College of NursingFlorida Atlantic UniversityBoca Raton, Florida and Kathleen F Jett, PhD, GNP-BC, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA
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