Essentials Of Nursing Informatics

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Virginia K. Saba, Kathleen McCormick
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4 nov. 2011
The classic text on how nurses can use technology to improve patient care -- and every aspect of their job performance, education, and career Written by leaders in nursing informatics, this comprehensive, up-to-date text explores the ever-growing role computers play in the field of nursing. Offering theoretical background to help you understand how informatics serves many aspects of the profession, Essential of Nursing Informatics also gives you practical help in unlocking computing's benefits -- both now and into the future. Numerous case studies and examples add real-world relevance to the material. An internationally recognized contributor team provides information and insights not found in any other text on essential topics such as the application of computers to nursing administration, education, and research; electronic medical records (EMRs) and personal health records (PHRs); coding; and government, clinical, and private sector system requirements. Completely revised and updated with the latest information on specialized softwares and contributions, the sixth edition of Essential of Nursing Informatics covers: Computer systems Information theory Current issues in informatics Continuum of care information technology systems Educational applications Research applications International perspectives (including Europe, Canada, Pacific Rim, Asia, South America, and South Africa) The future of informatics TABLE OF CONTENTS I. COMPUTERS AND NURSING 1. Overview of Computers and Nursing by Virginia K. Saba, Kathleen A. McCormick, M. Kathleen Smith, Gail Latimer, Diane J. Skiba & Susan K. Newbold 2. Historical Perspective of Nursing Informatics by Virginia K. Saba & Bonnie L. Westra 3. Electronic Health Record from a Historical Perspective by Patricia B. Wise II. COMPUTER SYSTEMS 4. Computer System Basics by Mary L. McHugh 5. Systems Life Cycle: Planning and Analysis by M. Kathleen Smith & Denise D. Tyler 6. Implementatin and Evaluation by Marina Douglas and Marina Celli 7. Healthcare Project Management by Judy Murphy & Patricia C. Dykes 8. Human Factors by Gregory L. Alexander 9. Open Source and Free Software by Peter J. Murray & W. Scott Erdley 10. Mobil Computing Platforms by Kathleen G. Charters & Thomasine D. Guberski III. INFORMATICS THEORY 11. The Practice Speciality of Nursing Informatics by Kathleen M. Hunter & Carol Bickford 12. Advanced Terminological Approaches in Nursing by Nichols R. Hardiker, Suxanne Bakken & Tae Youn Kim 13. Nursing Minimum Data Set Systems by Connie White Delaney & Bonnie Westra 14. Overview of the Clinical Care Classification (CCC) System: A National Nursing Standard Coded Terminology by Virginia K. Saba, Jacqueline Moss & Luann Whittenburg IV. CURRENT ISSUES IN INFORMATICS 15. Health Data Standards Development, Harmonization and Interoperability by Jouyce Sensmeier 16. Nursing Informatics and Healthcare Policy by Judy Murphy and Elizabeth Johnson 17. Trustworthy Systems for Safe and Private Health Care by Dixie B. Baker 18. Shaping Nursing Informatics through the Public Policy Process by Amy M. Walker 19. Home Health: the Missing Ingredient in Healthcare Reform by Charlotte A. Weaver & Jennifer Moore V. CONTINUUM OF CARE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS 20. Computerized Provider Order Entry by Emily B. Barey 21. Electronic Health Record Vendor Applications by Ann Farrell & Sheryl L. Taylor 22. The Rold of Technology in the Medication-Use Process by Matthew Grissinger & Michelle Mandrack 23. Planning, Design, and Implementation of Information Technology in Complex Healthcare Systems by Thomas R. Clancy 24. The Integration of Complex Systems theory into Six Sigma Methods of Performance Improvement: A Case Study by Thomas R. Clancy 25. Workflow and Healthcare Process Management by Mical DeBrow & Cynthia M. Mascara 26. Translation of Evidence into Nursing Practice by Lynn McQueen, Heather Carter-Templeton, Kathleen A. McCormick & Cheryl Stetler 27. Evidence Based Practice by Joanne Seasholtz & Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk 28. Incorporating Evidence: Use of Comptuer-Based Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) for Health Professionals by Ida Androwich & Margaret Kraft 29. The Magnet Model by Andrea Schmid-Mazzoccoli 30. Internet Tools for Patient Care in Advanced Practice by Mary Ann Lavin, Laketa Entzminger & Mary Lee Barron 31. IT for the Rural Healthcare Market by Susan H. Lundquist & Cathy Delmain 32. Ambulatory Care Information Systems by Susan K. Newbold 33. Overview of Post Acute Services by Susan J. Quinn 34. Public Health Practice Applications by Judy D. Gibson, Janise Richards, Arunkumar & Derryl Block 35. Informatics Solutins for Emergency Planning and Response by Elizabeth (Betsy) Weiner & Lynn A. Slepski VI. EDUCATIONAL APPLICATI0NS 36. Web 2.0 and its Impact on Healthcare Educatin and Practice by Diane J. Skiba, Paul Guillory & Kay Lynn Olmstead 37. Initiation and Management of Accessible, Effective Online Learning by Patricia Allen, Khadija Bakrim, Darlene Lacy, Enola Boyd & Myrna L. Armstrong 38. Innovations in e-Health by Marilyn M. Nielsen & Amy J. Barton 39. Consumer and Patient Use of Computers for Health by Rita D. Zielstorff & Barbara B. Frink 40. Nursing Curriculum Reform and Healthcare Information Technology by Eun-Shim Nahm l& Marisa L. Wilson 41. A Paradigm Shift in Simulation: Experiential Learning in Second Life by Judith J. Warren, Helen R. Connors & Patricia A. Trangenstein 42. The TIGER Initiative by Michelle R. Troseth VII. RESEARCH APPLICATIONS 43. Computer Use in Nursing Research by Veronica D. Feeg & Theresa A. Rienzo 44. Information Literacy and Computerized Information Resources by Diane S. Pravikoff, June Levy & Annelle Tanner VIII. INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES 45. Nursing Informatics in Canada by Lynn M. Nagle, Kathryn J. Hannah & Nora Hammell 46. Nursing Informatics in Europe by Kaija Saranto, Virpi Jylha & Kaarina Tanttu 47. Pacific Rim Perspectives by Evelyn J.S. Hovenga, Michelle Honey, Lucy Westbrooke & Robyn Carr 48. Asian Perspectives by Hyeoun-Ae Park 49. Nursing Informatics in South America by Heimar F. Marin 50. Nursing Informatics in South Africa by Irene van Middelkoop & Susan Meyer IX. THE FUTURE OF INFORMATICS 51. Future Directions by Kathleen A. McCormick Appendix ABOUT THE AUTHOR Virginia K. Saba has been a pioneer in the integration of computer technology into the practice of nursing for more than 30 years, and spearheaded the nursing informatics movement. She serves as an Informatics Consultant, Her impressive resume includes a 15-year tenure at Georgetown University, where she taught and integrated computer technology into both the graduate and undergraduate programs. While at Georgetown, she also conducted a million-dollar national research study focsining on home health patient care. She is still heavily involved in the advance of informatics in nursing, and speaks and consults extensively throughout the world. She has Honorary Doctorates from University of Athens, Excelsior College, and University of Maryland. Kathleen A. McCormick has impressive experience in both the private and public sectors, including a 30-year tenure in the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, where she served served on various boards, as well as teaching clinical courses at the University of Wisconsin and Johns Hopkins University, and University of Maryland. She is presently Senior Principal Scientist and Vice President at SAIC-Frederick. She speaks at informatics and research conferences throughout the world.
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