Research Methods In Psychology. Investigating Human Behavior.

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5 ene. 2011
Using substantive research stories to illustrate the presentation of research methods in each chapter, this textbook presents systematically the entire research process and its major variants within a unifying conceptual framework. It is written in a style that is clear and appealing to students while also maintaining the highest expectations about what they should learn. Key features: - A full chapter on ethics is complemented in the chapters that follow by end-of-chapter sections applying ethics to the topic at hand. - Each chapter has an overarching thematic issue or topic, illustrated by real data, that teaches students the concepts and methods in an applied fashion. - More illustrations than comparable texts visually reinforce key concepts and techniques. - Unique end-of-chapter exercises help give students in-depth experience in learning the chapter content. - Extensive, unique ancillary package with Interactive Exercises tied to journal research articles that are included on the companion study site
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