Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery

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Serge Dibart
Blackwell Publishing
Fecha Publicacion
1 oct. 2007

1. Foreword (Van Dyke)
2. Bone physiology and Metabolism (Dibart JP)
3. The wound healing process (Price)
4. The contribution of Periodontics to Orthodontic therapy (Ferguson , Wilcko, Wilcko, Marquez)
Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (rationale, technique, outcome etc..) (Ferguson, Wilcko, Wilcko)
Rapid recovery of impacted teeth using decortication (Ferguson, Wilcko, Wilcko)
Extrusion/intrusion with miniscrews (Ferguson, Marquez)
5. The contribution of Periodontics to endodontic therapy: The surgical management of periradicular periodontitis (Moulazadeh)
Peri-radicular surgery (root amputation, apicoectomy, root resorption and perforation repair)
Intentional re-implantations of teeth (use of periotomes, indications, guidelines and technique of re-implantation)
6. The contribution of Periodontics to Prosthodontics: Treatment planning of patients requiring combined periodontal and prosthodontic care ( Bokhadoor, Al Dousari, Morgano).
General treatment planning guidelines and step-by-step approach to complete oral rehabilitation via minor orthodontics, periodontal surgery, implant therapy and prosthetics.
7. The contribution of Periodontics to the correction of vertical alveolar ridge deficiencies:
The Alveolar distraction osteogenesis surgery, principle, technique, applications and potential complications (Dibart)
8. Papillary construction after dental implant therapy (Shahidi, Dibart, Zhang)
Minimize the "black triangle" between implants and implants and teeth via advanced surgical procedures
9. Dental implant placement including the use of short implants (Price, Su).
· Principle, rationale, technique and complications
10. Periodontal Medicine including biopsy techniques (Noonan, Kabani)
Detailed description of the most common oral lesions: Diagnosis, differential and treatment modalities
11. Sinus augmentation using tissue-engineering (Schulze-Späte, Montesani)
Bone matrix derived from the patient's periosteal cells and cultivated by tissue engineering on a polymer fleece and used for sinus floor elevation and augmentation

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