Gynecologic Cancer

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C. Thomas, L. Mell, C. Yashar, A. Mundt
Demos Medical Publishing
Fecha Publicacion
1 ene. 2012
Radiation Medicine Rounds is a trinary, hard cover, periodical designed to provide an up-to-date review of a dedicated radiation medicine topic of interest to clinicians andscientists who are involved in the care of patients receiving radiotherapy. It is intended to serve as both a reference and instructional tool for students, housestaff, fellows, practicing clinicians, medical physicists, cancer biologists, radiobiologists, and interdisciplinary colleagues throughout the oncology spectrum. With contributions from experts across the U.S., Gynecologic Cancer details the current management of different types of gynecologic cancer. Today the management of gynecologic cancers is multidisciplinary in nature, requiring close collaboration between gynecologic oncologists, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists. Gynecologic Cancer reviews new therapies in use and under development for gynecologic cancer including novel radiation approaches, the role of chemotherapy and novel biologic agents, new and emerging surgical approaches, and the role of MRI in assessing tumor response in cervical cancer patients. It is a valuable tool for clinicians, nurses, researchers, medical students, residents, and fellows. Included in Gynecologic Cancer Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy for Gynecologic Malignancies In-Room Image-Guided Radiation Therapy for Cervical Cancers Image-Guided Brachytherapy in Cervical Cancer Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy in Vulvar Cancer Chemotherapy in Advanced/Recurrent Endometrial Cancer Biologic Agents and Immune Therapy in Gynecologic Cancers Lymphadenectomy in Uterine Cancer Robotic Surgery in Gynecologic Cancer Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Assessing Tumor Response in Cervical Cancer About the Guest Editors Arno Mundt, MD Professor and Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology Catheryn Yashar, MD Associate Professor, Chief of Breast and Gynecologic Cancer, Director of Medical School Education, Department of Radiation Oncology Loren Mell, MD Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology, all of University of California, San Diego Charles R. Thomas, Jr., MD Professor and Chairman, Department of Radiation Medicine, Oregon Health and Science University.
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