Scleroderma, From Pathogenesis To Comprehensive Management

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John Varga, Christopher P. Denton, Fredrick M. Wigley
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19 ene. 2012
Description ■Easily accessible, clear and concise format ■Presents an integrated multidisciplinary approach to comprehensive patient care ■Includes a synthesis of current concepts in pathogenesis and pathomechanics ■Authoritative work from international leaders specializing in the field This essential resource presents the most up-to-date information on scleroderma. A clear and concise synthesis of current concepts in pathogenesis and modern approaches to management, this book is comprised of the authoritative work of international experts. With an integrated multidisciplinary approach to comprehensive care, this book is easily accessible for health care professionals in many fields. It is a valuable resource for rheumatologists, pulmonologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, nephrologists and all those involved in the care of scleroderma patients. Content Level » Professional/practitioner Keywords » Autoimmune - Fibrosis - Pulmonary Hypertension - Sclerodoma - Systemic sclerosis Related subjects » Internal Medicine - Rheumatology TABLE OF CONTENTS ■Foreword Stephen Katz MD, PhD, Director, NIAMS ■Foreword A personal view: Luke Evnin, PhD, President, SRF ■Preface John Varga, MD, Christopher P. Denton, PhD, FRCP, Fredrick M. Wigley, MD ■Section I. Introduction ■Chapter 1 – Historical Perspective – Christopher P. Denton, PhD, FRCP, and Carol Black ■Chapter 2 - Therapeutic evolution: a professor’s view – Frank A. Wollheim, MD, PhD, FRCP ■Section II: Epidemiology, Genetics and Classification ■Chapter 3 – Overview: Epidemiology, Genetics and Classification – Christopher P. Denton, PhD, FRCP ■Chapter 4 – Epidemiology and Environmental Risk Factors – Jammie K. Barnes, MD, and Maureen D. Mayes, MD, MPH ■Chapter 5 – Genetic Factors – Yannick Allanore, MD, PhD, and Filemon K. Tan, MD, PhD ■Chapter 6 – Disease Subsets in Clinical Practice – Robyn Therese Domsic, MD, MPH,and Thomas A. Medsger, Jr., MD ■Chapter 7 – Evolving Concepts of Diagnosis and Classification – Lorinda Chung, MD, MS, Jaap Fransen, MD, and Frank H.J. Van den Hoogen, MD, PhD ■Chapter 8 – Disease Classification using Molecular Signatures – Michael L. Whitfield, PhD, and Robert Lafyatis, MD ■Section III: Scleroderma in Children ■Chapter 9 – Juvenile Localized Scleroderma – Francesco Zulian, MD ■Chapter 10 - Juvenile Systemic Scleroderma - Ivan Foeldvari, MD ■Section IV: Other Fibrosing Skin Conditions ■Chapter 11 – Scleroderma Mimics –Laura K. Hummers, MD, ScM ■Chapter 12 - Localized Forms of Scleroderma in Adults – Amy E. Gilliam, MD, and Anita C. Gilliam, MD, PhD ■Chapter 13 - Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis – Peter J. Wermuth, PhD, and Sergio A. Jimenez, MD ■Section V: Pathogenetic Basis ■Chapter 14 - Overview: Integrated Pathogenesis – John Varga, MD ■Chapter 15 - Immunological Mechanisms – Francisco Boin, MD, and Carlo Chizzolini, MD ■Chapter 16 - Innate Immunity – Keith B. Elkon, MD, and Julia J. Rhiannon, MD, MSW ■Chapter 17 – Autoantibodies in Pathogenesis – Kimberly Doering, BS, and Antony Rosen, MB ChB, BSc (Hons) ■Chapter 18 - The Clinical Aspects of Autoantibodies - John D. Pauling, BMBS, MRCP, and Neil McHugh, MB, ChB, MD, FRCP, FRCPath ■Chapter 19 – Mechanisms of Vascular Disease – Bashar Kalaheh, MD, and Mary Jo Mulligan-Kehoe, PhD ■Chapter 20 - Vascular Biomarkers – Laura K. Hummers, MD, ScM ■Chapter 21 – Mechanisms of Fibrosis – John Varga, MD ■Chapter 22 – Fibrosis: Insights from the stiff skin syndrome – Elizabeth E. Gerber, BS, and Harry C. Dietz, MD ■Chapter 23 - Biomarkers of Fibrosis – Christian Beyer, MD, Oliver Distler, MD, and Jörg H.W. Distler, MD ■Chapter 24 – Overview of Animal Models – Christopher P. Denton, PhD, FRCP, and Robert Lafyatis, MD ■Section VI: Cardiovascular Manifestations and Management ■Chapter 25 – Overview: Cardiovascular Manifestations and Management – Fredrick M. Wigley, MD ■Chapter 26 – Raynaud Phenomenon – Arianne Herrick and Fredrick M. Wigley, MD ■Chapter 27 – Nailfold Capillaroscopy – Maurizio Cutolo, MD and Vanessa Smith, MD, PhD ■Chapter 28 – SystemicVascular Disease , MD, PhD, MD, FRCP ■Chapter 29 – Scleroderma Renal Crisis – Christopher P. Denton, PhD, FRCP, and Virginia Steen, MD ■Chapter 30 – Cardiac Involvement –Sanjiv J. Shah, MD, and André Kahan, MD, PhD ■Chapter 31 – Erectile Dysfunction – Edward V. Lally, MD, Arthur L. Burnett, MD, MBA, FACS, and Trinity J. Bivalacqua, MD, PhD ■Section VII: Pulmonary manifestations and management ■Chapter 32 – Overview: Pulmonary manifestations and management – Christopher P. Denton, PhD, FRCP ■Chapter 33 – Clinical Assessment of Lung Disease – Greg J. Keir, MBBS, FRACP, Richard M. Silver, MD, and Athol U. Wells, MD, FRCP ■Chapter 34 – Computerized Tomography of Interstitial Lung Disease – Athol U. Wells, MD, FRCP, and Jonathan Goldin MD, PhD, FRCR ■Chapter 35 – Treatment of interstitial lung disease – Dinesh Khanna, MD, MS, and Donald P. Tashkin, MD ■Chapter 36 – Clinical Assessment of Pulmonary Hypertension – Harrison W. Farber, MD, Michael York, MD, Eric Hachulla, MD, PhD ■Chapter 37 – Treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension –Todd H. Kolb, MD, PhD, and Paul M. Hassoun, MD ■Chapter 38 – Complex Challenges of Pulmonary Hypertension – John Gerard Coghlan, MD, FRCP ■Section VIII: Gastrointestinal manifestations and management ■Chapter 39– Overview: Gastrointestinal Manifestations and Management - Seth Sweetser, MD, and Michael Camilleri, MD ■Chapter 40 – Upper Gastrointestinal Tract - John O. Clarke, MD, and Ikuo Hirano, MD ■Chapter 41 – Small and Large Intestinal Involvement - Philip J. Clements, MD, MPH, Terri R. Getzug, MD, and Dinesh Khanna, MD, MS ■Section XIX: Skin, musculoskeletal and other complications ■Chapter 42 - Evaluation and Management of Skin Disease – Noëlle Starr Sherber, MD, FAAD ■Chapter 43 – Skeletal Muscle Involvement – Andrew L. Mammen, MD, PhD ■Chapter 44 - Tendons, Joints and Bone – Jérôme Avouac, MD, PhD, and Yannick Allanore, MD, PhD ■Chapter 45 – Pregnancy – Virginia Steen, MD, and Eliza F. Chakravarty, MD, MS ■Chapter 46 - Overlooked Manifestations– Ami A. Shah, MD, MHS ■Section X: Disease-modifying strategies ■Chapter 47 –Principles of ManagementD. , MD, MPH ■Chapter 48 - Immunomodulatory Therapies – Jacob M. van Laar, MD, PhD ■Chapter 49 - Cell-Based Therapies – Alan G. Tyndall, MD, FRACP, Rheumatology FMH, and Keith M. Sullivan, MD ■Chapter 50 - Investigative Approaches to Drug Therapy – Voon H. Ong, PhD, MRCP, and Christopher P. Denton, PhD, FRCP ■Chapter 51 – Complementary and alternate medicine approaches – Judy A. Fulop, MD, MS, FABNO, and John Varga, MD ■Chapter 52 - Physical and occupational therapy– Luc Mouthon, MD, PhD, and Janet L. Poole, PhD, OTR/L ■Chapter 53 – Evaluation and Management of Psychosocial Issues – El-Baalbaki Ghassan, PhD, Lisa Jewett, BA, MSc, Jennifer A. Haythornthwaite, PhD, and Brett D. Thombs, PhD ■Section XI: Outcome assessment ■Chapter 54 - Issues in Clinical Trial Design– Suzanne Kafaja, MD, Daniel E. Furst, MD, and Janet E. Pope, MD, MPH, FRCPC ■Chapter 55 - Measuring Disease Activity– Dinesh Khanna, MD, MS ■Chapter 56 – Patient Reported Outcomes – Monique Hinchcliff, MD, and David Cella, PhD
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