Successful Accreditation In Echocardiography. A Self-Assessment Guide

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Sanjay M. Banypersad
Fecha Publicacion
3 feb. 2012
Description The only echocardiography revision aid based on the syllabus and format of the British Society of Echocardiography national echocardiography accreditation examination and similar examinations administered across Europe. To further aid students with the more challenging video section of the exam, the text uniquely incorporates a video cases section into the standard MCQs. Clear and concisely-structured explanations to all questions make this an essential tool for anyone preparing to sit an echocardiography examination. Table of Contents 1.Basic Physics and anatomy. 2.The aortic valve. 3.Left Ventricular Assessment. 4.The mitral valve. 5.Right ventricular assessment. 6.Prosthetic valves and endocarditis. 7.Pericardial disease and cardiac masses. 8.Adult congenital heart disease. 9.DVD video section questions (this is to be used in conjunction with the AV media, I will leave it with you guys as to whether this is in the form of a DVD or an "online encrypted password access" type thing). 10.Answers & explanations.
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