Disease Control in Crops

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Dale Walters
Blackwell Publishing
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1 mar. 2009

The control of diseases in crops is still largely dominated by the use of fungicides, but with the increase in the incidence of resistance by plant diseases to fungicides, plus mounting concern for the environmental over excessive agrochemical use, the search for alternative reliable methods of disease control is gaining momentum.

The purpose of this important book is to examine the development and exploitation (or potential for exploitation) for a range of non-chemical approaches to disease control, with a focus on the need for a greater understanding of crop ecology as the basis for effective disease control in the field.

Chapters in the book, written by international experts in the subject area, include coverage of cultural practices, biological control methods, induced resistance, the use of composts and compost extracts, host-plant resistance, the exploitation of tolerance, the use of variety mixtures, biofumigation, solarisation, sulfur-induced resistance, the use of essential oils, the disguising of leaf surfaces, and the use of bacteriophages.

Carefully edited by Profesor Dale Walters, widely respected for his work in the area of crop protection, Disease Control in Crops is an essentail reference book for plant pathologists, microbiologists, plant and agricultural scientists and crop protection specialists, incuding those working within, and providing consultancy to, the agrochemical industries. Libraries in all universities and research establishments where biological sciences and agriculture are studied and taught should have copies of this timely publication on their shelves.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Dale Walters

Chapter 2: Managing crop disease through cultural practices
Bob Larkin

Chapter 3: Biological control agents in plant disease control
John Whipps and Mark McQuilken

Chapter 4: Induced resistance for plant disease control
Dale Walters

Chapter 5: The use of composts and compost extracts in plant disease control
Audrey Litterick and Martin Wood

Chapter 6: The use of host plant resistance in disease control

Chapter 7: Exploitation of tolerance in plant disease control
Ian Bingham

Chapter 8: Plant disease control through the use of variety mixtures
Adrian Newton

Chapter 9: Biofumigation as a means of controlling plant disease
Wim Blok

Chapter 10: Control of plant disease through solarisation
Jacoov Katan

Chapter 11: Sulphur-induced resistance in plant disease control
Silvia Haneklaus, Elke Bloem and Ewald Schnug

Chapter 12: Control of plant disease by disguising the leaf surface
Dale Walters

Chapter 13: Bacteriophages as agents for the control of plant pathogenic bacteria
Jeffrey Jones

Chapter 14: Making greater use of biologically-based disease management practices
Brian McSpadden

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