Molecular Aspects of Plant Disease Resistance

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Jane Parker
Blackwell Publishing
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1 jul. 2008

In recent years, our understanding of the mechanisms involved in a plant's resistance to attack by disease, has seen major advances.

This important new title, part of Blackwell Publishing's Annual Plant Reviews Series, provides cutting edge reviews of each of the major aspects of the subject .

Edited by Professor Jane Parker from the Max-Planck iInstitute, Molecular Aspects of Plant Disease Resistance includes contributions from many of the world's leading researcher in the area. Coverage includes the evolution of plant-virus interactions and plant resistance loci, the role of plant secondary metabolites, plant systemic resistance, oomycete genomics, intracellular immune receptors, transcriptional reprogramming, fungal biotrophy, chemical ecology of plant-insect interactions, bacterial Type III effectors and host perception of PAMPs

This exciting book is essential reading for all those involved in plant-pathogen interactions including plant and agricultural scientists, molecular biologists and microbiologists.

Draft Contents

1. A personal perspective of the last 25 years of Plant Pathology

2. Evolution of plant-virus interactions

3. Role of plant secondary metabolites at the host-pathogen interface

4. Plant systemic resistance

5. Oomycete genomics

6. Evolution of plant Resistance loci

7. Intracellular immune receptors

8. Transcriptional reprogramming in plant defence against pathogens

9. Establishment of fungal biotrophy

10. Chemical ecology of plant-insect interactions

11. Emerging roles of bacterial Type III effectors in pathogenesis

12. Host perception of PAMPs

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