Opportunities for Applications of Transgenic Plants

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Tony Conner, Jeanne ME Jacobs
Blackwell Publishing
Fecha Publicacion
1 sept. 2008

This important landmark book will review recent developments in the understanding of gene function and how this knowledge can be applied for trait manipulation in plants using transgenic approaches. Although much of this information will be drawn from model plant systems, the emphasis is forward-looking to the further application of transgenic technology to crop improvement.

Contents include coverage of the following. History and controversy, insect and disease resistance, tolerance to abiotic stress, mineral uptake and toxicity, phytoremediation, phytochemical composition and metabolic engineering, elimination of allergens and toxins, plant development, biofuels and bioenergy, biopharming, and the integration of transgenic with traditional breeding and alternative transgenic strategies.

With contributions from many of the world's leading experts in the subject areas covered, Opportunities for Applications of Transgenic Plants is an essential purchase for researchers and professionals in subjects including plant physiology, biotechnology, cell biology, genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry, working in both the academic and industrial sectors. Libraries in all universities and research establishments where plant and biological sciences, biotechnology, agriculture, and molecular sciences are studied and taught, should have copies of this important book on their shelves.

1. The history and controversy of transgenic crops

2. Insect resistance

3. Disease resistance

4. Tolerance to abiotic stress

5. Mineral uptake and toxicity

6. Phytoremediation

7. Phytochemical composition/metabolic engineering

8. Elimination of allergens and toxins

9. Plant development [including flowering time]

10. Biofuels and Bioenergy

11. Biopharming - plastics/oils/pharmaceuticals

12. Integration of transgenic with traditional breeding and alternative transgenic strategies

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