Handbook Of Burns, Vol. 1: Acute Burn Care

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M. G. Jeschke, L. Kamolz, F. Sjoberg, S. E. Wolf
Fecha Publicacion
8 mar. 2011
DESCRIPTION ■Serves as a reference book on complex management of acute care in burn patients ■Presents advances in research and treatment ■Edited and written by world leading authorities in burn care This volume covers the entire spectrum of acute burn treatment. Individual chapters deal with basic aspects of different burn mechanisms as well as the acute care of burn patients. Pre-hospital management, critical care and basic concepts of burn surgery related to the acute phase, as well as the use of skin and skin substitutes in early stages of therapy are addressed in this volume. Chapters on supportive therapies such as optimizing nutrition and fluid homeostasis, infection control and treatment, respiratory support and pain management complete the comprehensive approach to the patient in this early stage of treatment, while chapters on epidemiology, prevention and disaster management enable the reader to evaluate the given information in a broader context. TABLE OF CONTENTS ■History of Burn Care ■Epidemiology and Prevention of Burns throughout the World ■Skin Architecture and Function ■Pathophysiology ■Disaster Management ■Pre-hospital, Fluid and early management, Burn Wound evaluation ■Burn Wound Documentation ■Education in Burns ■Pain Management ■Nutrition ■Wound Care ■HBOT ■Infection control ■Treatment: ■Burns in Children ■Burns in Adults ■Burns in older Adults ■Burns in Face and Neck ■Handburns ■Critical Care ■Diagnosis and Management of Inhalation Injury ■Respiratory Therapy ■Organ Responses and Organ Support ■Nutrition ■Electrical Injury ■Chemical Injury ■Frostbite AUTHOR Marc J. Jeschke, MD, Surgeon, Shriners Burns Hospital for Children, Galveston Lars P. Kamolz, MD, Plastic Surgeon, Medical University Vienna Folke Sjöberg, MD, Department of Hand and Plastic Surgery and Intensive Care, Linköping University Hospital, Sweden, President of European Burns Association Steven E. Wolf, MD, Director of the Burn Center at Brooke Army Medical Center
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