Chronic Illness. Impact And Intervention 8ed

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Pamala D. Larsen, Ilene Morof-Lubkin
Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Fecha Publicacion
22 ene. 2012
The newest edition of best-selling Chronic Illness continues to focus on the various aspects of chronic illness that influence both patients and their families. This book is designed to teach students about the whole client or patient versus the physical status of the client with chronic illness. The study questions at the end of each chapter and the case studies help the students apply the information to real life. Evidence-based practice references are included in almost every chapter. Aspects of chronic illness covered include: ¡the sociological ¡the psychological ¡the ethical ¡the organizational ¡financial factors ¡individual and system outcomes Key Features Each chapter in this newly revised edition has: ¡new references ¡a new case study ¡an evidence based practice box ¡New information on how the Health Care Reform bill has affected care of the adult with chronic illness is also included, as well as a chapter titled "Uncertainty". Table of Contents Part I Impact of the Disease ¡ Chapter 1 Chronicity ¡ Chapter 2 The Illness Experience ¡ Chapter 3 Stigma ¡ Chapter 4 Adaptation ¡ Chapter 5 Social Isolation ¡ Chapter 6 Body Image ¡ Chapter 7 Uncertainty ¡ Chapter 8 Quality of Life ¡ Chapter 9 Adherence Part II Impact on the Client ¡ Chapter 10 Family Caregiving ¡ Chapter 11 Sexuality ¡ Chapter 12 Powerlessness ¡ Chapter 13 Culture ¡ Chapter 14 Self-Care ¡ Chapter 15 Client and Family Education Part III Impact of the Health Professional ¡ Chapter 16 Health Promotion ¡ Chapter 17 APRNs in Chronic Illness Care ¡ Chapter 18 Complementary and Alternative Therapies Part IV Impact of the System ¡ Chapter 19 Models of Care ¡ Chapter 20 Home Health Care ¡ Chapter 21 Long-Term Care ¡ Chapter 22 Palliative Care ¡ Chapter 23 Health Policy ¡ Chapter 24 Rehabilitation Author(s) Ilene Morof Lubkin, RN, MS, GNP-California State University, California Pamala D. Larsen, PhD, CRRN-FNGNA, Associate Dean and Professor, Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming Dr. Larsen has been a certified rehabilitation nurse and a nursing educator and administrator for nearly 25 years in a university setting, currently serving as Associate Dean and Professor at the Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing at the University of Wyoming. Her passion in chronic illness began as a staff nurse in a neurological unit in the late 1970fs. During her masters degree program in the early 1980fs, her plan of study focused on oncology and Hospice. She has past federal training grants in rehabilitation and geriatric rehabilitation, and her publications focus on the clinical issues of chronic illness and the older adult. Dr. Larsen is a Fellow in the National Gerontological Nursing Association (NGNA). She currently is serving NGNA as Vice-President as well as being Chair of the Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses.
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