Defining The Value Of Spine Care

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Todd J. Albert, Alexander R. Vaccaro, Jeffrey Rihn
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24 ene. 2012
This book is a comprehensive guide to defining the value of spine care. Beginning with an introduction and definition of common terminology, the following chapters evaluate the processes and outcomes of spinal surgery. Written by recognised, US-based experts in the field, this practical manual provide spine care specialists with an in depth understanding of the key concepts, measurements tools and methods for value-based spine care. Key Points ¡Practical guide to defining the value of spine care ¡Provides key concepts, measurement tools and methods ¡Authored by recognised US-based experts ¡Includes detailed illustrations to help understanding Table of Contents 1.Introduction: Understanding the Value of Spine Care 2.Definition of Common Terminology 3.The Use of Process Measures in Measuring the Quality of Spine Care 4.Disease-Specific Health-Related Quality of Life Measures: Lumbar Degenerative Disease 5.Disease-Specific Health-Related Quality of Life Measures: Cervical Degenerative Disease 6.Disease-Specific Health-Related Quality of Life Measures: Spinal Deformity 7.General Measures of Health-Related Quality of Life: SF-36 and Related Measures 8.Numerical Rating Scales 9.Health Status Preference, Utility, and Health-Related Quality of Life in the Assessment of Spinal Disorders and Other Medical Conditions 10.The Quality-Adjusted Life Year 11.How to Calculate the Cost of Spine Care 12.Decision Tree Analysis and Simulation Modeling in Spine Care 13.Cost Utility Analysis: Use of Average Cost Per Quality-Adjusted Life Year Versus the Incremental Cost-Effectiveness Ratio 14.Value-Based Evaluation of New Spine-Related Technology 15.Determining Value with Outcome Measures: Perspectives from Each of the Stakeholders of Spine Care Delivery 16.Developing Value-Based Guidelines for the Treatment of Spinal Disorders 17.Comparative Effectiveness Research in Spine Care 18.Comparative Effectiveness Research in Spine Care: Sport as an Example 19.Logistics: How to Get Started 20.Appendices 21.Index
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