Nanomedicine And Cancer

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R. Srirajaskanthan, Victor R. Preedy
Fecha Publicacion
24 ene. 2012
The nanosciences are a rapidly expanding field of research with a wide applicability to all areas of health. They encompass a variety of technologies ranging from particles to networks and nanostructures. This book focuses on the application of nanomedicine and nanotechnology to cancer. It covers an introduction to nanocarriers, nanorods, nanoprobes nanoplatforms, nanorings, nanotubes nanowires, nano-sensor arrays and a variety of methodological techniques. This is done within the framework of numerous cancer types. Contributors are all leading experts and are carrying out ground breaking work. The book is essential reading for oncologists, research scientists, doctors, health care professionals, pathologists, biologists, biochemists, chemists and physicists as well as those interested in disease and nanosciences or cancer in general. Table of Contents General Aspects, Methods and Techniques ¡öNanomedicine-based use of siRNA in Cancer, Guillermo N. Armaiz-Pena, Bulent Ozpolat, Anil K. Sood and Gabriel Lopez-Berestein ¡öNanocarriers for Gene Delivery, Conchita Tros de Ilarduya and Gloria Gonzalez-Aseguinolaza ¡öCancer Cell Photothermolysis and Gold Nanorod Surface Plasmons, Cheng-Lung Chen and Yang-Yuan Chen ¡öTocotrienol Loaded Lipid Nanoparticles in Cancer, Sami Nazzal and Paul W. Sylvester ¡öUtilization of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy, Deryl L. Troyer and Stefan H. Bossmann ¡öNanoparticle Probes and Molecular Imaging in Cancer, Dongfang Liu and Ning Gu ¡öIron and Ethylcellulose Nanoplatforms for Cancer Targeting, Jos¨¦ L. Arias, Margarita L¨pez-Viota and M. Adolfina Ruiz ¡öNanoscale Characterisation and the Applications of Matrix Scaffolds in Cancer Biology, L. Soon ¡öFluorescence Nanoprobe Imaging Tumor by Sensing the Acidic Microenvironment, Lu Wang and Cong Li ¡öMagnetic Nanorings and Nanotubes for Cancer Detection and Therapy, Hai Ming Fan and Malini Olivo ¡öSilicon Nanowire Arrays and Other Silicon Nanostructures and their Clinical Applications to Cancer, Murugan Veerapandian and Min-Ho Lee ¡öSilver Nanomedicine and Cancer: P. V. Asharani, Luxmi Fatimathas, Hui Kheng Lim, Suresh Valiyaveettil and M.P. Hande ¡öNanobubbles and their Putative Application to Cancer Medicine, Tianyi M. Krupka and Agata A. Exner ¡öNano-Strategies in the Delivery of Antitumor Drugs to Cancer, Jos¨¦ L. Arias ¡öGene Silencing with siRNA Encapsulated Nanoparticles to Overcome Tumor Multidrug Resistance, M.M. Amiji, Francis Hornicek and Zhenfeng Duan ¡öNano-flow Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Glycans in Cancer, S. Hunter Walker and David C. Muddiman Specific Cancers and Areas of Focus ¡öAn Electronic Nose: Composite Nano-sensor Arrays in Lung Cancer and COPD, S. Dragonieri ¡öNano Arsenic Oxide (As2O3)/(Fe2O3) Iron Oxide Complexes for Liver Cancer, Ziyu Wang and Dongsheng Zhang ¡öHepatocellular Carcinoma and Midkine-antisense Oligonucleotide-loaded Nanoparticles, Licheng Dai, Yaoxing and Zhongjing ¡öNanotechnology and Nanostructures Applied to Head and Neck Cancer, Erik C. Dreaden, M.A. El-Sayed and I.H. El-Sayed
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