Bacteria. The Benign, The Bad, And The Beautiful

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Trudy M. Wassenaar
Fecha Publicacion
25 ene. 2012
This book introduces bacteria and basic microbiological concepts to readers without previous background in the subject. Each chapter explores a particular self-contained topic and wherever possible points are illustrated through real-world examples and short stories. Chapters cover topics ranging from marine microbiology to bacterial toxins, enzymes, and the future role of bacteria in our world. Although bacterial scientific names are used and translated when possible, in general scientific jargon is avoided in order to make the material as accessible as possible for the lay reader. TABLE OF CONTENTS ¡Preface. ¡Note to the reader. ¡Chapter 1. The Blue Planet. ¡Chapter 2. Tree of Life: Let Three Live. ¡Chapter 3. How Old Are They? ¡Chapter 4. On the Move. ¡Chapter 5. Needles. ¡Chapter 6. Dead or Alive. ¡Chapter 7. Nobel Works. ¡Chapter 8. Bacteria and Insects. ¡Chapter 9. Bacterial Toxins ¡Chapter 10. Enzymes. ¡Chapter 11. Genetics and Genomics. ¡Chapter 12. Antibiotics and Resistance. ¡Chapter 13. Marine Microbiology. ¡Chapter 14. Bacteria and Oil. ¡Chapter 15. Extreme Life. ¡Chapter 16. Records Holders. ¡Chapter 17. Bacteria and Art. ¡Chapter 18. Fixing the Air. ¡Chapter 19. Pest and Pestilence. ¡Chapter 20. Our Bacteria. ¡Chapter 21. Sensing Bacteria. ¡Chapter 22. Bacteria and Mankind. ¡Chapter 23. Big Questions on Small Subjects. ¡Chapter 24. Synthetic Biology. ¡Chapter 25. Bacteria, the Earth, and Beyond. ¡Glossary. ¡Index of bacterial names. ¡Bibliography.
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