Colour Atlas of Postharvest Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables Volume Two: Vegetables

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Anna Snowdon
Blackwell Publishing
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1 dic. 2009

Now established worldwide as the standard guide to the recognition and understanding of the causes of deterioration in temperate and tropical fruits and vegetables, these superbly illustrated full-colour volumes deal clearly, concisely and systematically with each of the main diseases and disorders, emphasising those of importance to international trade.

The book is divided into nine major sections: cucurbits; solanaceous fruit vegetables; miscellaneous fruit vegetables; legumes ; diassicas; miscellaneous flower, stem, and leaf vegetables; bulbs; temperate roots and tubers and tropical roots and tubers. Liberally illustrated with colour photographs, this book examines these diseases and disorders and educates the reader on action needed to eradicate the problem.

1. Cucurbits: Cucumbers; Melons; Watermelons; Marrows; Squashes and

Chayotes. 2. Solanaceous Fruit Vegetables: Tomatoes; Peppers and


3. Miscellaneous Fruit Vegetables: Okra; Sweet corn.

4. Legumes: Peas and Beans. 5. Brassicas: Cabbages; Cauliflowers;


and Brussels Sprouts.

6. Miscellaneous Flower, Stem and Leaf Vegetables: Artichokes (Globe);

Asparagus; Celery and Florence Fennel; Lettuce; Chicory and Endive; Mint;

Parsley; Cress and Watercress; Rhubarb; Spinach; Spring Onions; Leeks and

Chives. 7. Bulbs: Onions; Shallots and Garlic. 8. Temperate Roots and

Tubers: Beets; Carrots and Parsnips; Jerusalem Artichokes; Potatoes;

Radishes; Swedes (Rutabagas) and Turnips. 9. Tropical Roots and Tubers:

Cassava; Cocoyams (Tannias and Taros); Ginger; Sweetpotatoes; Yams.

Appendices. Index.

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