World Clinics In Ophthalmology. Innovations In Primary Open Angle Glaucoma, 2 Vols.

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S. Boyd
Fecha Publicacion
5 mar. 2012
Description Written by worldwide experts, World Clinics in Ophthalmology are periodicals containing evidence-based reviews on disease management, techniques, procedures and technology. These periodicals will be published on a biannual basis. These two volumes are concise reviews of glaucoma diagnosis and management. Each chapter offers a clear understanding of each operation and includes didactic photographs, illustrations and case studies. Topics covered include laser treatment, optical coherence topography and surgical procedures including ab-externo trabeculectomy and non penetrating surgery for glaucoma. A clinical evaluation of diagnosis and management techniques for primary open angle glaucoma is also provided. Key Points ¡öTwo volumes of concise reviews on diagnosis and management of glaucoma ¡öDidactic photographs, illustrations and case studies included ¡öAuthored by internationally recognised experts ¡öBi-annual publication of World Clinics in Ophthalmology periodicals Table of Contents Volume 1 ¡öChapter 1: Primary Open Angle Glaucoma - Clinical Evaluation ¡öChapter 2: Clinical Diagnostic Parameters for Glaucoma ¡öChapter 3: Evaluation of the Optic Disc in the Management of Glaucoma ¡öChapter 4: Advances in Visual Field Testing ¡öChapter 5: Optical Coherence Tomography in Glaucoma ¡öChapter 6: Imaging Innovations in the Evaluation of Glaucoma ¡öChapter 7: Update on Medical Therapy for Glaucoma ¡öIndex Volume 2 ¡öChapter 1: Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty ¡öChapter 2: The Trabeculectomy Procedure ¡öChapter 3: The Use of Antimetabolites ¡öChapter 4: The Arenas¡¯ Ab Externo Trabeculectomy Technique ¡öChapter 5: Non-Penetrating Surgery for Glaucoma ¡öChapter 6: Surgical Technique for the Molteno Seton ¡öChapter 7: Surgical Technique for the Ahmed Glaucoma Valve (AGV) ¡öChapter 8: Needling Procedure for Failed or Failing Filtering Blebs ¡öChapter 9: Complications of Glaucoma Filtering Surgery ¡öIndex Authors Samuel Boyd MD Director, Laser Section; Associate Director, Clinica Boyd ¨C Ophthalmology Centre, Panama, Republic of Panama
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