Textbook Of Penile Cancer

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Asif Muneer, M. Arya, Simon Horenblas
Fecha Publicacion
19 abr. 2011
ABOUT THIS BOOK Textbook of Penile Cancer will report accurately on recent developments in the management of penile cancer whilst also covering the fundamentals of the disease, and so will provide a comprehensive, stand-alone and up-to-date volume on the subject. Its content ranges from the epidemiology and aetiology, to diagnosis, to treatment of the disease. The book presents the latest surgical advances, and includes discussion on the current controversy on the use of lymphadenectomy in treatment, as well as the emergent practice of sentinel lymph node biopsy. The authors of each chapter are leading urological surgeons and oncologists; experts in the field of penile cancer management. The list of contributors includes the pioneer of the technique of sentinel node biopsy in penile cancer and andrologists who have extensive experience in the UK and US with penile cancer and reconstruction. Content Level » Professional/practitioner Keywords » penile cancer Related subjects » Oncology & Hematology - Urology TABLE OF CONTENTS Epidemiology and Aetiology.- Molecular Biology of Penile Cancer.- Diagnosis and Pathology of Penile Cancer.- Radiological Imaging.- Conservative Surgery.- Management of Advanced Penile Cancer.- Management of Lymph Nodes.- Dynamic Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy.- Penile Reconstruction and Phalloplasty.- Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.- Follow Up.- Future Direction
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