Bipolar II Disorder. Modelling, Measuring And Managing 2nd Ed.

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Gordon Parker
Cambridge University Press
Fecha Publicacion
27 mar. 2012
Description The lifetime risk of developing bipolar II disorder is 5-7%, yet the condition is often poorly detected. Mood elevation states are less extreme than in bipolar I disorder although the depressive episodes are usually severe. When correctly treated, the outcome is positive, but bipolar II is often poorly managed, resulting in a high suicide rate. This is the only academic and clinical management review focusing entirely on bipolar II, scrutinizing history, epidemiology, burden and neurobiology and including an extensive clinical debate by international experts about effective management strategies. New chapters cover comorbidity, over-represented personality styles, illness 'trajectories' and distinguishing bipolar II from personality-based emotional dysregulation states. Evidence for different clinical management options is reviewed in detail, two clinical management models are presented and then debated. This book is essential reading for all health professionals managing mood disorders and informative to patients seeking information about their condition and treatment options. Features ¡Chapters feature two voices - academic reviews and clinical management advice from international experts giving two perspectives on the topic ¡The only book solely focusing on bipolar II disorder and the clinical management of this seriously debilitating condition ¡New chapters cover comorbidity and personality styles and distinguishing bipolar II disorder from other conditions with similar clinical features ¡More clinical management models and management commentaries Reviews Advance praise:'This book not only helps clinicians navigate an uncharted area but also paves the road for further scholarly research of a disease with such a high burden of suffering c This stimulating and insightful book should be on the reading list of every clinician who cares for patients with mood disorders.' Annals of Clinical Psychiatry 'How do you write a book about a disorder that is ill defined and little researched? You could just outline the depth of ignorance and point out potentially useful paths but Parker has instead given readers the benefit of experience combined with what evidence is available c if you are looking for a book that gives you the way to understand and treat bipolar II then Dr Parker's regimen may well be what you are looking for.' Psychological Medicine Table of Contents Table of Contents 1.Bipolar disorder in historical perspective Edward Shorter 2.The bipolar spectrum James Phelps 3.Defining and measuring bipolar II disorder Gordon Parker 4.Bipolar II disorder in context: a review of epidemiology, disability and economic burden George Hadjipavlou, David J. Bond and Lakshmi N. Yatham 5.Comorbid conditions associated with bipolar II disorder Gordon Parker 6.Is bipolar II disorder increasing in prevalence? Gordon Parker 7.Personality styles associated with bipolar II disorder Kathryn Fletcher 8.Distinguishing bipolar II disorder from personality-based states of emotional dysregulation Joel Paris 9.The neurobiology of bipolar II disorder Emre Bora and Christos Pantellis 10.The role of antidepressants in managing bipolar II disorder Joseph Goldberg 11.Current status of mood stabilisers in the management of bipolar II disorder George Hadjipavlou, David J. Bond and Lakshmi Yatham 12.The use of atypical antipsychotic drugs in bipolar II disorder Eduard Vieta and Nuria Cruz 13.The role of fish oil in managing bipolar II disorder Anne-Marie Rees 14.Psychological interventions for bipolar II disorder Vijaya Manicavasagar and David Gilfillin 15.The role of wellbeing plans in managing bipolar II disorder Margo Orum 16.The trajectory of illness experienced by those with bipolar II disorder Tessa Cleradin 17.Clinical models for managing bipolar II disorder: model one Gordon Parker 18.Clinical models for managing bipolar II disorder: model two Terence Ketter and Po Wang 19.Management commentary 1 Darryl Bassett 20.Management commentary 2 Michael Berk 21.Management commentary 3 Sophia Frangou 22.Management commentary 4 Mark Frye 23.Management commentary 5 S. Nassir Ghaemi 24.Management commentary 6 Michael Gitlin and David Miklowitz 25.Management commentary 7 Joseph Goldberg 26.Management commentary 8 Guy Goodwin 27.Management commentary 9 Andrew Nierenberg 28.Management commentary 10 Robert Post 29.Management commentary 11 Michael Thase 30.Management commentary 12 Eduard Vieta 31.Management commentary 13 Allan Young 32.Rounding up and tying down Gordon Parker 33.Index.
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