Curbside Consultation Of The Foot And Ankle, 49 Clinical Questions

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George B. Holmes, Simon Lee
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29 mar. 2012
Description Are you looking for concise, practical answers to those questions that are often left unanswered by traditional foot and ankle references? Are you seeking brief, evidence-based advice for complicated cases or controversial decisions? Curbside Consultation of the Foot and Ankle: 49 Clinical Questions provides quick answers to the tricky questions most commonly posed during a ¡°curbside consultation¡± between orthopaedic surgeons. Drs. George B. Holmes, Jr. and Simon Lee have designed this unique reference which offers expert advice, preferences, and opinions on tough clinical questions commonly associated with the foot and ankle. The unique Q&A format provides quick access to current information related to the foot and ankle with the simplicity of a conversation between two colleagues. Numerous images, diagrams, and references allow readers to browse large amounts of information in an expedited fashion. Curbside Consultation of the Foot and Ankle: 49 Clinical Questions provides information basic enough for residents while also incorporating expert advice that even high-volume clinicians will appreciate. Practicing orthopaedic surgeons, orthopaedic residents, foot and ankle specialists, and medical students will benefit from the user-friendly, casual format and the expert advice contained within. Some of the questions that are answered: ¡öWhen do you do an allograft or autograft talar transplantation graft for a failed osteochondral talar lesion? ¡öHow do you treat an athlete with chronic lateral foot overload and peroneal tendonitis with a cavovarus foot? ¡öHow do you fix your syndesmotic injuries? Can I use tight-ropes now? ¡öI have a 63 year old patient who had an ankle fracture 20 years ago. They are ready for a major procedure now. Should I perform an ankle arthrodesis or should I refer her out to someone for a total ankle arthroplasty? What are your criteria for a total ankle arthroplasty? ¡öDo I need to use bone graft in foot and ankle surgery, autologous or allograft? What graft should I use? Author Biography: George B. Holmes, Jr, MD is currently Director of the Section of Foot & Ankle Surgery at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois. He is also an editor for Foot & Ankle International and has hosted visiting fellows from Brazil and Poland. Simon Lee, MD is an assistant professor in Orthopaedic Surgery at Rush University Medical College, USA. Contents: Section I Forefoot/Midfoot ¡öQuestion 1 How Do You Evaluate and Treat an 18-Year-Old Female With Plantar Hallux Metatarsophalangeal Pain and a Radiolucent Line on Her Sesamoid? ¡öQuestion 2 My Mother-in-Law is Developing Progressive Pain in the Ball of Her Foot and Clawing of Her Lesser Toes. What Do I Do? ¡öQuestion 3 My Patient Has Failed Conservative Treatment of a Morton¡¯s Neuroma. Do I Perform a Plantar Were Digital Approach? ¡öQuestion 4 A 43-Year-Old Recreational Marathon Runner Is Having Pain Over Her Bunion. Will This Eventually Need Surgery? ¡öQuestion 5 How Would You Treat My 74-Year-Old Community Ambulator With a Severe Bunion Who Cannot Find Shoes for the Michigan Winters? ¡öQuestion 6 How Do You Treat an Ingrown Toenail? Should I Prescribe the Oral Antifungal Medication for Onychomycosis? ¡öQuestion 7 How Do You Manage Hallux Rigidus? Which Patients With Hallux Rigidus Should Receive a Cheilectomy, Arthrodesis, or Arthroplasty? Question 8 How Do I Perform a Midfoot Fusion? Section II Hindfoot ¡öQuestion 9 How Do You Treat Plantar Fasciitis? How Do I Know if It Is the First Branch of the Lateral Plantar Nerve (Baxter¡¯s Nerve)? ¡öQuestion 10 Do All Patients With Pes Planus Require Treatment? ¡öQuestion 11 What Is Your Surgical Approach for Chronic Posterior Tibial Tendon Insufficiency? ¡öQuestion 12 Which Patients With Cavovarus Feet Need Treatment? ¡öQuestion 13 I Am Performing a Triple Arthrodesis But Cannot Seem to Reduce the Talonavicular Joint. What Am I Doing Wrong? ¡öQuestion 14 How Much Fixation Is Required for a Subtalar Fusion? What Is Your Postoperative Protocol? Section III Ankle ¡öQuestion 15 How Do I Treat a Patient With Recurrent Medial Ankle Pain and a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Finding of Medial Malleolar Edema Consistent With a Medial Malleolar Stress Fracture? ¡öQuestion 16 Which Osteochondral Talar Lesions Need Surgery? ¡öQuestion 17 When Do You Perform an Allograft or Autograft Talar Transplantation Graft for a Failed Osteochondral Talar Lesion? ¡öQuestion 18 How Do You Treat Chronic Achilles Tendinosis? When Do You Operate? ¡öQuestion 19 How Do I Know if I Should Transfer the Flexor Hallucis Longus or Do a Turn-Down or V-Y Lengthening for My Achilles Tendon Gap? ¡öQuestion 20 How Do You Treat a Haglund¡¯s Deformity That Does Not Have Any Changes Involving the Achilles Tendon? ¡öQuestion 21 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Shows a Peroneus Tendon Tear. Should I Operate? ¡öQuestion 22 How Do You Manage Ankle Arthritis With Minimal Arthritic Changes on Radiographs? ¡öQuestion 23 Will an Ankle Arthroscopy and Removal of Bone Spurs Help Me? ¡öQuestion 24 I Have a 63-Year-Old Patient Who Had an Ankle Fracture 20 Years Ago and Is Ready for a Major Procedure Now. Should I Perform an Ankle Arthrodesis or Should I Refer Her to Someone for a Total Ankle Arthroplasty? What Are Your Criteria for a Total Ankle Arthroplasty? Section IV Sports ¡öQuestion 25 An 18-Year-Old Male Soccer Player Has Dislocating Peroneal Tendons. How Would You Treat This? ¡öQuestion 26 How Would You Treat a 22-Year-Old Professional Ballet Dancer With an Os Trigonum and Fluid Around Her Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendon Sheath Seen on Magnetic Resonance Imaging? ¡öQuestion 27 How Would You Treat a 32-Year-Old Triathelete With a Nondisplaced Navicular Stress Fracture? ¡öQuestion 28 My 25-Year-Old Patient in Whom I Have Previously Placed a Jones Screw for a Fifth Metatarsal Stress Fracture Now Has New Pain With a Positive Triple Phase Bone Scan. Now How Do I Treat This Patient? ¡öQuestion 29 How Do You Treat a 21-Year-Old Basketball Player Who Has Magnetic Resonance Imaging Evidence of Tibial Diaphyseal Edema Not Resolved After 3 Months of Protected Weight Bearing? ¡öQuestion 30 How Do You Treat ¡°Shin Splints¡± in the High-Level Athlete Who Needs to Continue to Compete? ¡öQuestion 31 What Is Your Technique for an Achilles Tendon Repair? What Is Your Cut-Off for a Primary Repair and How Do You Treat Them if Greater Than That? ¡öQuestion 32 How Do You Treat an Athlete With Chronic Lateral Foot Overload and Peroneal Tendonitis With a Cavovarus Foot? ¡öQuestion 33 How Do You Manage a Significant Turf Toe Injury? ¡öQuestion 34 How Long Do High Ankle Sprains Really Take to Get Better? How Do You Evaluate Them Appropriately? ¡öQuestion 35 How Do You Treat Chronic Ankle Instability in Your Recreational Athletes? Section V Trauma ¡öQuestion 36 How Do You Treat Proximal Fifth Metatarsal Fractures? ¡öQuestion 37 How Do You Manage a 22-Year-Old College Lineman With a Minimally Displaced or Ligamentous Lisfranc Injury? ¡öQuestion 38 Which Lateral Talar Process Fractures Should I Fix? ¡öQuestion 39 Which Calcaneus Fractures Should I Operate On? ¡öQuestion 40 How Should I Fix My Patient With Multiple Metatarsal Fractures? ¡öQuestion 41 What Is Your Decision-Making Process for Pilon Fractures? ¡öQuestion 42 Do I Rod or Plate My Distal Third Tibia Fractures? Should I Fix the Fibula, Too? ¡öQuestion 43 How Do You Fix Your Syndesmotic Injuries? Can I Use a Tight Rope Now? Section VI Miscellaneous ¡öQuestion 44 How Do You Treat Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome? What Are Your Indications for Surgical Decompression? ¡öQuestion 45 How Do You Evaluate and Treat Exertional Compartment Syndrome of the Leg? ¡öQuestion 46 Does Compartment Syndrome of the Foot Really Exist? How Should I Treat It? ¡öQuestion 47 What Are Some Techniques You Use in Treating Foot and Ankle Injuries in Your Patients With Osteoporosis? ¡öQuestion 48 What Are Some Techniques Used in Treating Foot and Ankle Injuries in Patients With Diabetes? ¡öQuestion 49 Do I Need to Use Bone Graft for Foot or Ankle Surgery? Which Graft Should I Use¡ªAutologous or Allograft? ¡öFinancial Disclosures ¡öIndex
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