Practical Mr Mammography. High-Resolution Mri of the Breast

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Fischer, U. - Luftner-Nagel, S.
Fecha Publicacion
1 ene. 2012
Description Firmly established as a valuable diagnostic technique, especially where a high degree of sensitivity and specificity is required, breast MRI plays a key role in the early detection of breast cancer and evaluation of breast disease. This updated and expanded second edition of Fischerfs classic Practical MR Mammography presents a detailed, systematic guide to performing and analyzing high-quality breast MRI. Useful for both beginners and experienced practitioners, it not only covers important indications, findings and pathologies, but also explains how the examination is performed, how the best images are obtained, how the correct diagnosis is achieved, and how errors can be prevented. Key Features ¡Nearly 1,400 exquisitely clear, high-resolution MR images of both common and rare breast lesions ¡Highlighted text boxes that summarize findings on MRI and other standard imaging modalities ¡New chapter on MRM-BIRADS (Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System) that discusses the standard terminology, characteristics, and lesion categorization used in todayfs breast MRI examinations ¡Updates on improved detection of ductal carcinoma in situ with breast MRI ¡New indications for MRI-guided breast interventions and strategies Table of Contents 1.History of MR Mammography 2.Preparing and informing the patient 3.Technique and Methods 4.Tumor Angiogenesis and Breast MRI 5.Diagnostic Criteria 6.Artifacts and Sources of Error 7.Normal Findings in MR Mammography 8.Benign Findings 9.Post-operative/Post-traumatic Changes 10.Borderline Lesions 11.Intraductal Carcinomas 12.Invasive Malignant Lesions 13.Lymph Node Diagnostics 14.MRI after Autologic and Prosthetic Reconstruction 15.MRI of the Male Breast 16.MRI-Guided Interventions 17.Indications for Breast MRI 18.Differential Diagnosis and Strategy 19.Quality Control 20.Current Standing, Problems, and Perspectives of Breast MRI 21.Literature
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