Principles And Practice Of Wound Care

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Sujata Sarabahi, VK Tiwari
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2 jun. 2012
Description Written by a multi-disciplinary team of authors, this manual is a comprehensive guide to wound care ¨C its healing and management, treatment and also prevention. Divided into four sections, the book begins with an introduction to wound history, evolution and healing. The following chapters discuss general principles for wound management and then examine different types of wound in more depth, including radiation, diabetic foot infections, bites, vascular ulcers and pressure sores. The final section looks at other factors influencing wound management, such as nutrition, physiotherapy, oxygen therapy and regulated negative pressure therapy. Key Points ¡öComprehensive guide to wound care, healing, treatment and prevention ¡öMultidisciplinary author team presenting various approaches and viewpoints ¡öDiscusses numerous different types of wound and appropriate treatments ¡öIncludes section on other factors influencing healing such as nutrition and oxygen therapy ¡öIncludes more than 450 images and illustrations Table of Contents ¡öSection 1 History and Healing ¡ö1. Evolution of Wound Care ¡ö2. Pathology of Wound Healing ¡ö3. Recent Advances in Wound Healing ¡ö4. Scars Following Wound Healing ¡ö5. Classification of Wounds ¡öSection 2 General Principles for Wound Management ¡ö6. Wound Bed Preparation (Guidelines of International Advisory Board for WBP) ¡ö7. Initial Management of Life-threatening Wounds ¡ö8. Debridement¡ªPreparing the Wound Bed for Cover ¡ö9. Dressings and Topical Agents in Wound Care ¡ö10. Surgical Closure of Wounds ¡ö11. Surgical Site Infection: Preventive Strategies ¡ö12. Fungal Wound Infections: Diagnosis and Management ¡öSection 3 Types of Wounds and their Management ¡ö13. Crush Injuries of Limbs ¡ö14. Skin Avulsion Injuries ¡ö15. Medical Management of Diabetic Ulcer ¡ö16. Diabetic Foot Infections ¡ö17. Surgical Management of Diabetic Foot ¡ö18. Recent Advances in Management of Chronic Non-healing Diabetic Foot Ulcers ¡ö19. Vascular Ulcers ¡ö20. Vasculitic Ulcer ¡ö21. Healing and Management of Burn Wound ¡ö22. Management of Radiation Wounds ¡ö23. Management of Trophic Ulcer on Feet ¡ö24. Pressure Sores ¡ö25. Orthopedic Device Related Infections ¡ö26. Necrotizing Fasciitis: An Overview ¡ö27. Bite Wounds ¡ö28. Malignant Wounds ¡ö29. Chemo-Extravasation: Medical and Surgical Management ¡ö30. Gunshot Wounds ¡ö31. Reconstructive Modalities of Non-healing Wounds of Lower Limb ¡ö32. Foot Defects ¡ö33. Management of Upper Extremity Wounds ¡ö34. Issues in Neonatal Wound Management ¡öSection 4 Miscellaneous ¡ö35. Role of Regulated Negative Pressure Therapy in Wound Healing ¡ö36. Role of Nutrition in Wound Healing ¡ö37. Role of Physiotherapy in Wound Healing ¡ö38. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Management of Wounds ¡öIndex Authors Sujata Sarabahi MS MCh DNB (Plastic Surgery) MNAMS Associate Professor and Senior Plastic Surgeon V K Tiwari MS MCh Professor and Consultant Plastic Surgeon Both at Department of Burns, Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery, Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, India
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