The Melanocytic Proliferations: A Comprehensive Textbook of Pigmented Lesions

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A. Neil Crowson
Fecha Publicacion
27 mar. 2014
A thorough updating of this best-selling textbook, The Melanocytic Proliferations is the most comprehensive single-source treatment of the subject available. Presenting an experience- and evidence-based review of pigmented lesions encompassing the biology, diagnosis, and treatment of melanocytic proliferations and disorders, including malignant melanoma, this fully revised second edition contains three completely new chapters: Staging of Melanoma, Dermoscopy and its relationship to the histomorphology of select pigmented lesions, and Confocal microscopy of melanoma subtypes. The text includes over 300 new, additional color images. Table of Contents Preface/foreword/introduction 1 An Approach To The Clinical Diagnosis Of Malignant Melanoma, Its Recursors, And Its Clinical Mimics 2 The Freckles And Lentigines 3 Benign Acquired Nevi 4 The Dermal Dendritic Melanocytic Proliferations/Dermal Melanocytosis 5 Spitz Nevus 6 Combined Nevus, Deep-Penetrating Nevus, And Plexiform Spindle Cell Nevus 7 Recurrent Melanocytic Nevus 8 The Congenital Nevus 9 Dysplastic Melanocytic Nevi, De Novo Intraepidermal Epithelioid And Lentiginous Melanocytic Dysplasias,And Nevi At Specific Anatomic Sites 10 Malignant Melanoma 11 Conjunctival Melanocytic Proliferations 12 The Use Of Adjunctive Immunoperoxidase, Molecular, And Ultrastructural Studies In The Diagnosis Of Melanocytic Proliferations 13 The Biology Of Melanoma 14 The Borderline Nevomelanocytic Proliferation 15 Dermatoscopic Diagnosis Of Melanoma 16 Reflectance Confocal Microscopy 17 The Therapy Of Malignant Melanoma
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